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"An Immediate Connection" - How Kelly Got the Support She Needed

Kelly is a brave birth mother who chose adoption to give her baby a life full of love and opportunities. If you feel inspired by her story, contact us today or call 1-800-ADOPTION to get free information about the adoption process. 

My name is Kelly and this is my adoption story.

I was in an unhealthy relationship and found myself pregnant. There were two possible fathers. My boyfriend wanted me to have an abortion, and I almost did but the morning of the procedure I knew I couldn’t do it. So my boyfriend and I talked about it and he agreed to stand by me and help me go through with an adoption. He found American Adoptions and gave me their phone number. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew adoption was the best thing for the baby I was carrying, but I was scared and hormonal and felt like no one understood my pain.

Around four months of pregnancy, I called American Adoptions and came in contact with an adoption specialist. I felt an immediate connection. I was depressed and unsure of everything, and she was very understanding and patient, never pressuring me about anything. She gave me nothing but encouragement and support. She answered all of my questions and when I had nothing to say she let me cry. I did back off from the adoption for a bit to make sure I was doing the right thing. I kept second-guessing myself. I was just so scared and felt so alone and confused.

Around five months of pregnancy, my unhealthy relationship with my boyfriend ended and the other possible father really didn’t care. All he ever said was, “Is it mine?” So around six months, I started looking at potential adoptive parents. I saw a few I liked a little bit, but nothing ever felt “right.” I was scared I wouldn’t find the perfect parents for my child. I then took a break from looking for parents.

Seven and a half months into the pregnancy, my adoption specialist sent me a packet with 8-10 profiles of couples wanting to adopt. In that group of profiles, I read Paul and Becky’s and knew I’d found my child’s parents. They had everything I was looking for. They showed extreme love for each other and ready to share their love with a child and were also open to a semi-open adoption. We had a conference call between us and my adoption specialist for our first conversation. I was so nervous, but as soon as we started talking it just confirmed my choice of them as my child’s parents. We had a great connection from the beginning, and we even picked out the same name without the other knowing. I believe it was meant to be and God brought this couple into my life for my child and vice versa.

From that day, we spoke often through e-mails and phone calls, just awaiting birth. Because they lived 1,300 miles away, I planned on an induction, so they could be a part of it all from labor to birth.

Today, my son is almost 2 years old. He is a proud big brother to a beautiful little girl. His adoptive mom and dad became pregnant four months after adopting him! We are in constant contact, sharing emails, pictures, cards, and we even Skype. I got to share his first Christmas with him last year. We have an amazing adoption story and our story just continues to get better. I’m now remarried and raising my 10-year-old daughter. I’m wanting to go back to school to better myself and better my family.

Ready to find out what adoption can do for you and your baby? Contact us today at 1-800-ADOPTION to get free information and support. 

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