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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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How to Find Adoptive Parents in Arkansas With Our Agency

If you’re a woman considering adoption for your baby, it’s probably because you want your child to have the best life imaginable. But, there’s an important part in making that happen: finding adoptive parents who can provide everything that you want your child to have.

But, with so many waiting families for adoption in Arkansas and across the United States, how do you find the perfect match for you and your baby?

 It’s an overwhelming step, but you’re not alone. That’s where American Adoptions comes in.

Here at American Adoptions, we are a fully-licensed, full-service national adoption agency. This means two things: You can always trust us to do things the right way, and we can meet all of your needs in the adoption process. We’ve been helping prospective birth mothers for more than 25 years. With the guidance of an adoption specialist from our team, you can be confident in your adoption decision and find a family who will give your child everything they deserve and more.

To start looking for adoptive parents with our agency, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists at 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online anytime. We are happy to answer your questions and help you learn more about the adoption process with our agency.

Even though you will have an adoption specialist guiding you through this entire journey, it can be helpful to have an understanding of the process before you get started. So, we’ve created this guide to finding a family to adopt your baby in Arkansas to help.

How to Find Adoptive Parents in Arkansas

When you pursue an adoption with American Adoptions, you’ll work with your own individual specialist. She’ll get to know you and work to help you understand exactly what you’re looking for in the perfect prospective adoptive parents for your baby. This decision will always be up to you, but she will help you locate families wanting to adopt in Arkansas and across the U.S. who meet your preferences and needs.

First, she’ll ask you to consider a few questions:

  • Where do you want your baby to grow up? If you want to find a family in Arkansas, that can certainly be arranged. As a national adoption agency, American Adoptions works with adoptive families all over the country. Whether you see your child growing up on a farm in the Midwest or in a large urban area on the coast, whatever you picture for your child can become his or her reality.
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want your baby to have? Is it important to you that your child grow up around arts and culture? Would you prefer his or her adoptive parents be more outdoorsy? You can decide the lifestyle your child will grow up around.
  • Do you want your baby to have siblings? Maybe you want your child to grow up with other adopted children, or maybe you want him or her to be an only child.
  • Do you want your baby to resemble his or her parents? Obviously, your baby will not be biologically related to his adoptive family, but some women feel strongly about finding adoptive parents that share a cultural background or traditions.

Your specialist will also ask what values (such as religion) are important to you and whether the prospective adoptive family should share your personal beliefs.

How Our Families that Want to Adopt are Screened

When you’ve considered all of these aspects, it’s time to start considering your options for parents looking to adopt a newborn in Arkansas. Deciding who to place your child with is a big choice but, when you work with American Adoptions, you can know that every family waiting to adopt has been approved as safe and ready to bring an adopted child into their home.

When we show you adoptive parent profiles, remember that they have all met the following criteria:

  • Have completed a home study: This means that a social worker has inspected their home and interviewed all members of the family to ensure that they’re ready to provide a safe, loving home for your baby. All members of the family have passed background checks.
  • Are fully committed to growing through adoption: Many of our families have struggled with infertility, and it’s important that they are completely finished with that grieving process before they’re allowed to be shown as options to pregnant women considering adoption. We won’t present a family as an option for your baby if we aren’t completely sure of their commitment to adoption.
  • Are excited to have contact with you: At American Adoptions, we recommend open adoption, which means that we encourage you and the adoptive parents to build a relationship that will continue as your child grows up. Therefore, all profiles presented to you will be open adoption family profiles, leaving you in charge of exactly what kind and how much contact you will share with them.

It’s normal to feel a great deal of pressure when searching for people to adopt your baby. After all, this is one of the biggest decisions you can make during the adoption process. We understand what you’re feeling, which is why we take away some of those concerns with our thorough family screening process. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the Arkansas adoptive families you are considering will provide safe, loving homes for your child.

View Arkansas Adoptive Parent Profiles Today

When you’re looking for adoptive parents in Arkansas or elsewhere in the U.S., it can be incredibly helpful to see visualize these people. That’s why you can view our agency’s adoption parent profiles at any time in your process. For many women, the adoption process becomes “real” when she can see the kinds of parents her child might grow up with.

When you’re ready to begin looking at families waiting to adopt, we can show you two different kinds of adoption profiles:

  1. Written Adoptive Parent Profiles: After you and your specialist determine your preferences for your child’s adoptive parents, you’ll receive a selection of print profiles that are essentially brochures about different people looking to adopt in Arkansas and around the country. Each profile will include information about a prospective adoptive family to help you get an idea of what your baby’s life would be like if placed with them. The profiles will outline their home life, their interests and hobbies, and why the family decided to pursue adoption. You can view these profiles of our families waiting to adopt online at any time.
  2. Adoptive Parent Video Profiles: Every family also has a video profile. This allows you to see hopeful parents interact with each other, rather than just view photos of them and read their stories. You get a better picture of what your child’s life would really be like with them, and you can start to get to know them before ever talking to them in person. Most agencies don’t offer this service, but we’ve found this to be an invaluable part of finding adoptive parents who are perfect for your child.

When you’ve found a family you’d like to talk to, your specialist will arrange a phone call between you and help to facilitate a conversation. If it feels right, you’ve connected with your child’s adoptive parents! We will guide you through the rest of the steps ahead, including getting to know the family better and preparing for your upcoming labor and delivery process.

We know it may take some time to find adoptive parents in Arkansas who are perfect for your child. No matter how long it takes, we will be there to guide you through this process. You can always begin by viewing our waiting families’ profiles online, requesting free information online, or talking to a specialist for free at 1-800-ADOPTION.

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