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Considering Adoption in Connecticut?

How to Place a Baby for Adoption in CT

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and thinking about adoption in Connecticut, it’s reasonable to assume that you may be experiencing a fair amount of stress. Sometimes that feeling is accompanied by shame, but we hope that you’ll forget about those feelings as you read this article. While “giving a baby up” for adoption in Connecticut is a life-altering decision, you aren’t the first one to consider it, nor will you be the last. Choosing adoption for your child shouldn’t be shameful; actually, it’s something to be proud of. Making a selfless choice for your child’s best interests is anything but shameful.

An important thing to be aware of is that no one can tell you what choice to make in regards to this pregnancy. You and you alone know what the right decision is for you and your baby. However, there are plenty of resources to help you make that choice. At American Adoptions, we consider ourselves to be one of those resources — whether you’re strongly considering adoption in CT or not.

While we are, of course, an adoption agency, this article isn’t intended to influence your decision about any of your unplanned pregnancy options. Rather, if placing a baby for adoption in Connecticut is something you’re considering, this article is designed to tell you how that process works. The following steps are a general overview of the process you’ll go through when putting a baby up for adoption in Connecticut. To learn more, please feel free to call American Adoptions any time at 1-800-ADOPTION.

How do I put my unborn baby up for adoption in Connecticut?

1. Determine that placing a baby for adoption in Connecticut is the right path.

The first step, of course, in placing a baby for adoption in Connecticut is to be confident that adoption is what’s best for your child and yourself. While it’s likely that others in your life have opinions— your family, your friends, and maybe even the baby’s father — you are the only one that truly knows what’s best for your child and yourself. Sometimes just talking through your thoughts and feelings can help; if this is the case, you’re more than welcome to work through your thought process with an adoption specialist at American Adoptions.

2. Work with your adoption specialist to tailor an adoption plan specifically to your needs.

When you choose to place a baby for adoption in Connecticut with American Adoptions, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’ll be assigned to your own individual adoption specialist, who will work with you to figure out exactly how you want the process to go. You’ll decide what type of adoption situation you want for your child, who the adoptive family should be, and more.

3. Choose your child’s adoptive family.

American Adoptions has completed tons of baby adoptions in Connecticut and throughout the United States, and we’ve honed the process of helping you choose the perfect adoptive family down to a science. Each family we work with will complete two types of adoptive family profiles for you to look at. The first, a print profile, serves as a sort of brochure that will give you all the basic information about a prospective adoptive family. The second, a video profile, will let you see a video the family films of themselves in their home, interacting with each other and talking about their decision to adopt.

4. Get to know your child’s adoptive family.

We always recommend that women who work with us choose to have an adoptive relationship with some degree of openness, or communication, with the adoptive family. This allows you to develop a lifelong relationship with your child, even after he or she goes home with their adoptive parents. You’ll get to watch them grow, know they are safe, and tell them in your own words why you chose adoption and how much you love them.

So, naturally, when you choose your child’s adoptive family, it’s important that you begin to form that relationship. The way you communicate with them can vary from phone calls to emails to in-person meetings; it’s completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

5. Plan your hospital stay.

Before your due date, you’ll work with your adoption specialist to craft a hospital plan. This is like a traditional birthing plan, but there’s more to plan when you’re considering adoption for your child. You’ll have to decide on details like whether you want the adoptive family in the room with you, whether you want to nurse your baby, who leaves the hospital first, and more.

6. Continue to work on your relationship with your child’s adoptive family.

As we said earlier, choosing an open adoption means that giving a baby up for adoption in Connecticut isn’t the end of your adoption journey. The relationship you have with your child and their adoptive family will take work, just as all other relationships do. It can evolve over time as your comfort levels change, as well. Some women prefer to have a little more space after placement to grieve and gradually work up to in-person visits. Whatever you need is completely okay. As you work with your adoption specialist to put your baby up for adoption in Connecticut, she will work with you to find a family that wants the same things you do out of an adoptive relationship.

For more information about placing a baby for adoption in Connecticut, please call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION. 

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