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Adoption in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

If you’ve come to this page, it’s likely because you’re considering adoption as a way to expand your family, or maybe you’re just now seeing how it could be the answer to your unplanned pregnancy. No matter how much research you have or haven’t done, know that American Adoptions will always be here to give you the support and education you need.

Many of the staff at American Adoption have their own personal experience with adoption as adoptive parents, birth parents, or even adoptees themselves.  This experience makes us an ideal agency to work with because we can provide informed support with the empathy you deserve during this exciting journey.

“I would recommend American Adoptions to anybody who is thinking of doing what I did or who wants to adopt a child. They helped me out and still are helping me,” said Callie, a birth mom who American Adoptions was able to help place her baby for adoption.

Both people who are hoping to adopt a child and pregnant women considering adoption in St. Petersburg, FL, have a number of local adoption resources to utilize. Knowing about these resources and understanding the adoption process can give you a sense of confidence, which can make everything a little bit easier.

This extensive guide will help you get there.

American Adoptions is a national adoption agency that is able to help St. Petersburg residents connect with the resources they need for a successful adoption journey. We can provide all the benefits of a national adoption agency with the local touch of a smaller St. Petersburg adoption agency, thanks to our Florida offices, located at:

3001 North Rocky Point Drive East, Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607


10823 70th Ave., Suite B

Seminole, FL 33772

Wherever you’re at in your St. Petersburg adoption process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists for whatever you may need. You can call our national headquarters anytime at 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online for free information. Either way, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

St. Petersburg Adoption Agencies

As the leading national adoption agency, American Adoptions is here to help provide you with everything you need for your St. Petersburg adoption — from start to finish. We’ll set you up with legal representation, counseling services, home studies, and more. When you work with us, all of the services you need will be provided by trained, empathetic adoption specialists, who have helped many people in your exact same situation.

The benefits we offer both expectant birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents are one of the many reasons so many families choose us as their adoption agency to guide them on this beautiful journey.

For expectant birth parents, we offer:

  • 24/7 counseling. We know that even though choosing adoption comes from a place of love, it can come with some difficult emotions. We’re here to help.

  • Financial assistance. Adoption is always free to you as the birth parent. You won’t have to pay a dime for our adoption services and we will assist with covering living costs and pregnancy expenses throughout your adoption process.

  • Complete control over your adoption plan. While your adoption specialist will help mitigate the adoption process, you call all of the shots. You get to create your own adoption plan, choose the adoptive family, and how open you want the adoption to be. We understand how important it is to know who will be raising your baby. Your adoption specialist will help you with finding the perfect adoptive family for your child. You will fill out a template of your preferences, and your adoption specialist will find adoptive family profiles that match these preferences, and present them to you for you to review.

“If you can find comfort and peace with your decision, you’ll not only get a second chance at life, but your baby will, too. Not to mention giving two wonderful people the greatest gift one could ever give. Adoption can be a wonderful, positive experience. Mine was, especially with being able to have the people involved that I did,” said Sara, a birth mom who worked with American Adoptions.

For hopeful adoptive parents, we offer:

  • Home study services. American Adoptions will provide a social worker who will be able to conduct your home study. This is a vital part of the adoption process, and your adoption specialist will make sure your questions are answered and your bases are covered.

  • Matching services. We will create your adoptive family profile that the birth mother will be able to choose from and will help find adoption opportunities for you.

  • 24/7 guidance and support. Adoption can be overwhelming at first.  Many of our adoption specialists are adoptive parents themselves and know what you’re going through. They’ll be able to give you the support you need during this time.

If you’re looking for an adoption agency that will go above and beyond to offer you the support and services you deserve. Whether you’re trying to give your baby the best life possible or trying to create the family of your dreams, American Adoptions is here for you as you begin your St. Petersburg adoption.

Home Study Providers in St. Petersburg

home study is required from all hopeful adoptive families in the U.S. before they can be approved to adopt a child. If you’re considering adopting in St. Petersburg, you’ll need to complete your home study with a Florida-licensed home study provider.

American Adoptions is a licensed home study provider throughout the entire state of Florida. We have streamlined the process to save you time and money – allowing you to focus on the next step of your adoption process.

Follow this link to begin your home study and to learn more about the services we offer.

Foster Care Agencies near St. Petersburg

Some families dream of fostering-to-adopt or becoming foster parents in St. Petersburg. Even though American Adoptions works primarily in domestic infant adoption, we fully support any family pursuing foster care adoption if it is the best option for you. After all, by pursuing foster care adoption in St. Petersburg, FL, you will give a second chance to a child who is anxiously waiting for a supportive, loving home.

If you are interested in adopting from foster care in St. Petersburg, contact any of the following nearby resources:

International Adoption Agencies near St. Petersburg

Another option for hopeful parents is international adoption. While the options for adopting a child from another country have certainly decreased over the past few decades, there are still ways you can complete an international adoption in St. Petersburg if that is your desire.

If you’re interested in adopting internationally, this nearby agency can help with your St. Petersburg international adoption:

St. Petersburg Adoption Attorneys

Florida adoption attorneys are necessary for both prospective birth and adoptive parents going through the St. Petersburg adoption process. They will help to finalize your adoption, guide you through the adoption consent process and the legal steps of adoption in Florida, and educate you about your adoption rights.

American Adoptions will retain legal representation for any prospective birth parent or adoptive parent working with our agency. When you’re a prospective birth parent, these legal services (as with other adoption services) will be free for you, thanks to adoption financial assistance.

You can also reach out to any of these local St. Petersburg adoption attorneys for more information:

St. Petersburg Prenatal, Maternity Care and Delivery Hospitals

Designing a personalized hospital plan with your adoption agency is an important part of the St. Petersburg adoption planning process when you are a pregnant woman. If you are considering placing your child for adoption, know that you will be in charge of every single aspect, including your choice of obstetrician and hospital. And don’t forget that your medical expenses will always be completely free to you.

As you create your adoption plan, consider these several nearby hospitals in St. Petersburg for your pregnancy care and delivery needs:

St. Petersburg Adoption Finalization Courts

Following placement, adoptions are finalized in local county circuit courts. Adoptions in St. Petersburg fall under the jurisdiction of the Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court. Don’t worry — your St. Petersburg adoption attorney will walk you through any necessary legal proceedings.  This is an exciting day, and you should embrace every moment of it. This is the day your baby officially becomes a part of your family.

Who else will be there to guide you? Your adoption specialist, should you choose to complete your adoption in St. Petersburg with our agency. If you’re a birth mother, you will not need to worry about attending the finalization hearing. This is only required of the adoptive family.

To get more information about our services and programs for your St. Petersburg adoption journey, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime at 1-800-ADOPTION or click here. We’ll be happy to discuss your adoption preferences with you and help you create the perfect plan for moving forward whenever you’re ready.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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