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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Adoption in Coral Springs could change your life.

It’s a big decision. Whether you are a hopeful adoptive parent or a prospective birth mother, you’ve likely never faced a more consequential choice. It can feel overwhelming. On top of that, it’s difficult to know where to start.

That’s why we create this guide to Coral Springs adoption. Here, you’ll learn about the professionals and local resources that make adoption in Coral Springs possible. With the right help, you can decide if adoption is right for you and get started with the process.

Private Adoption Agencies in Coral Springs

Domestic adoption agencies (also known as private adoption agencies) work with prospective birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents in the process of placing a newborn in the U.S. for adoption. Many hopeful parents dream of adopting an infant and make domestic adoption their first choice.

The most important step you can take toward adoption in Coral Springs is finding a trustworthy professional to work with. American Adoptions can be that professional for you.

We are a full-service, fully licensed national adoption agency. Our team of adoption specialists has been serving prospective birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents for more than 25 years. During that time, we have navigated countless situations, which means we are prepared for anything.

Many adoption agencies that provide services for Coral Springs adoption are only able to handle certain aspects of the process. But, while working with American Adoptions, you won’t have to go anywhere else. As a full-service agency, we can provide what you need from start to finish.

Additionally, we are a national adoption agency. We have a local presence in Florida (our office is located at 3001 North Rocky Point Drive East, Tampa, FL 36607), but we also work across the country with hopeful adoptive parents and prospective birth parents. This increases the chances that we will find an adoption opportunity that is a perfect fit for you. Our national presence also lowers average wait times for individuals working with our team.

The adoption process can be stressful, confusing and overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to find out more about working with our agency and getting started on your adoption in Coral Springs.

While we hope that American Adoptions will be that agency for you, we also recognize that you have many other choices. Anyone considering adoption should look into all of their options.

There are several agencies that could help you through the domestic adoption process in Coral Springs:

Agencies for Foster Care Adoption in Coral Springs

There are hundreds of waiting children in Florida’s foster care system. If you think that foster care adoption could be a good option for your family, then you could work with one of these helpful adoption professionals:

International Adoption Agencies in Coral Springs

Many U.S. families choose international adoption each year. While all adoptions can be challenging, the international travel logistics, laws and expenses make international adoption an especially difficult journey.

These agencies specialize in international adoptions and can help you navigate all of the ups and downs:

Coral Springs Adoption Attorneys

Florida, like every other state, has its own adoption laws. These are unique from other states, so you’ll want to work with an attorney that specific experience with Coral Springs adoptions. Individuals working with American Adoptions can be connected with an attorney from our trusted national network. Others may want to seek out an attorney on their own.

If you’re looking for an attorney to assist with the legal aspects of your Coral Springs adoption, here are a few law offices to start with:

Home Study Providers for Adoption in Coral Springs

Each type of adoption requires a home study. This step is only for the hopeful adoptive parents, not the prospective birth parents. American Adoptions is a licensed home study provider in Florida. If you are working with us for your adoption, you don’t have to look anywhere else for this pivotal step.

Individuals working with other adoption agencies could also work with American Adoptions for the home study. Contact us today to learn more about home study services for adoption in Coral Springs.

Maternity Hospitals in Coral Springs

Your hospital stay is a big moment in the course of your adoption. It should go exactly how you want it to. That’s why, as a prospective birth mother, you work with an adoption specialist to create a plan for this time. This includes things like how long you would like to spend with your baby before placement, how you plan to sign your official consent to adoption, and, of course, where you would like to give birth.

Several hospitals in and near the area could work well for your adoption in Coral Springs:

Coral Springs Adoption Courts

Adoption finalization is the last hurdle for adoptive parents. During your finalization hearing, which occurs usually six months after placement, a judge will review all required documents from your adoption to ensure applicable laws were followed. Once satisfied, the judge will issue a final decree of adoption, and your family will be legally, officially, finalized.

This exciting moment in the life of a family adopting in Coral Springs will occur at a Broward County Courthouse.

Things to Do in Coral Springs

Are you coming from a different state to adopt a child in Coral Springs? If so, you should plan to stay for several weeks while the paperwork for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is being processed. The good news is that Coral Springs is a beautiful city with plenty to do, especially if you enjoy getting outside.

Here are a few ways to make the most of your stay:

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Are you ready to get started with your adoption in Coral Springs with our agency? Contact us today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a specialist.

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