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Can You Get Paid for Adoption in Montana?

Financial Support for Expectant Mothers Choosing Adoption in Montana

Many women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy wonder if you can get paid for adoption in Montana. It’s an understandable question, given the difficult circumstances. An unexpected pregnancy brings a whole range of emotions and a lot of questions.

Am I ready to parent a child? Can I afford to parent a child? Can I get paid for adoption? Or does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in Montana? What about Montana adoption financial assistance?

American Adoptions has worked with thousands of expectant mothers and heard all these questions before. That’s why we want to help you navigate your adoption decision. Let’s take a look at several of the most common questions about whether or not mothers get paid for adoption in Montana.

But before we dive in, you should know that you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption specialist about your particular circumstances.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Giving Baby up for Adoption Money in Montana

Can you get paid for adoption in Montana? Essentially, no, you cannot get money from adoption. Montana, like every state in the U.S., has laws against compensation for placing a baby for adoption. However, there is still a financial advantage to adoption.

One of the main reasons we hear expectant mothers in Montana considering adoption is the financial pressure of pregnancy and parenting. Choosing adoption can help alleviate this pressure. While you cannot get paid for adoption in Montana, many of your most costly expenses during this time can be covered for you.

Adoption Financial Assistance in Montana

If you decide to create an adoption plan for your baby, you are eligible for financial assistance for adoption in Montana. Montana’s adoption statute lays out which type of expenses can be covered for you:

  • Medical care or services

  • Prenatal care

  • Counseling related to providing necessary information — up to 10 hours

  • Travel or temporary living costs

  • Legal fees — unless you select joint representation

  • Other reasonable costs related to the adoption

There are two key takeaways from this list. First, it does not financially cost you anything to choose adoption. You will not be charged agency fees or any other fees to place your child for adoption. Second, choosing adoption can help provide financial relief during your pregnancy. Even though you cannot get paid for adoption in Montana, you can see that there is still a financial benefit to choosing adoption.

Financial Assistance for Adoption That is not Allowed in Montana

There are certain things that Montana law states specifically cannot be included in financial help for birth mothers giving their baby up for adoption. These are:

  • Education expenses

  • Vehicles

  • Salary or wages

  • Vacations

  • Permanent housing

Requesting adoption money for these things or any additional compensation is not allowed in Montana. Don’t worry — you don’t have to become the expert on all of this. An adoption specialist from American Adoptions will help you stay in line with state law and only receive adoption financial assistance for things allowed in Montana.

Where the Financial Support for Adoption in Montana Comes From

So, who is it that is covering all these expenses? Do adoption agencies pay birth mothers in Montana? No, you cannot find adoption agencies that pay you in Montana or anywhere else in the U.S. Instead, most of your adoption-related expenses that are allowed to be paid for are covered by the adoptive family. This is important to understand, because it shows how committed these families are to you and to a successful adoption.

Why Do I Get Paid for Adoption-Related Expenses?

You’re trying to make one of the toughest choices of your life. And while you can’t get money for adoption in Montana, you do deserve to be free of financial anxiety during this process. There is undoubtedly enough on your mind already without worrying about money. This element of choosing adoption in Montana brings peace and comfort to many expectant mothers.

Any services you receive from American Adoptions are completely free to you. This includes things like:

Since Montana doesn’t set a maximum amount on allowable financial adoption assistance, you don’t need to be concerned about hitting a limit. As long as the expense is within the bounds of the categories outlined here, it can be covered for you.

When Do I Receive my Adoption Assistance in Montana?

American Adoptions works hard to make sure you receive assistance as soon as it is needed. This means that expenses under the allowed categories will be paid for as needs arise in your Montana adoption process. You don’t have to feel anxiety about medical bills or legal fees. Those things will be handled for you so that you can focus on what really matters: a safe, healthy pregnancy for you and for your baby.

You likely have questions about Montana adoption financial assistance in your particular circumstances. You can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption specialist about this, or you can request more free information about your Montana adoption.

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