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Open Adoption in Montana

Maintaining a Relationship with the Family and Your Child

If you choose adoption, you’re not “giving up” or “giving away” your baby. You’re deciding to give life — a chance at happiness, opportunity and love. You probably have dreams for your baby, and just because parenting isn’t an option for you doesn’t mean you have to let those dreams go. Thanks to a significant shift in domestic infant adoption, you can not only choose the family who you think will fulfill those dreams for your child, but also stay updated with your baby throughout their life.

This is possible because of open adoption.

What is open adoption in Montana? What about semi-open adoption? And how does it work?

Even though open adoption in Montana may seem confusing or scary, it is the norm in domestic infant adoptions today. And research has shown that healthy open adoptions are beneficial to the child, adoptive family and birth mother. That’s why “goodbye” doesn’t have to be forever when you choose adoption for your child, and you can still be a part of the dreams you have for your baby.

Open Adoption Facts in Montana

Open adoption was nearly nonexistent until the 1980s, in Montana and across the United States. Up to that point, adoption was heavily associated with secrecy and shame. This cultural attitude prevented everyone from seeing the harm done to children and families because of the secret way adoption was conducted. Today, that has changed.

Now, more than 90 percent of domestic infant adoptions are at least semi-open. And every family who works with American Adoptions has agreed up-front to at least a semi-open adoption. Because of this, it is common for children who are adopted to know their own adoption story and even have an ongoing relationship with their birth mother.

Your open adoption in Montana can create an opportunity to stay connected with your child when they are growing up. This gives many expectant mothers a sense of peace, because they will be able to see for themselves how their child is growing and thriving.

Open vs Closed Adoption in Montana – The Varying Levels of Openness

Open adoption in Montana exists on a sliding scale, and no two adoption plans are the same. Before getting into the different types of open adoption, remember that you are the one who sets this part of the adoption plan. With the help of an adoption specialist from American Adoptions, you decide what level of openness you want from your Montana adoption.

Your first option is a completely open adoption in Montana. In open adoption, identifying information is shared between the potential birth mother and adopting family, and a relationship is formed both before and after placement. The level of contact in an open adoption can still range from photo and letter updates to in-person visits. Open adoptions in Montana are generally not facilitated by a professional, meaning you will work out your relationship with the adoptive parents on a personal level.

The most common type of open adoption in Montana is known as semi-open adoption. There can be a similar level of contact in a semi-open adoption situation; however, identifying information may not be shared, and the relationship is usually facilitated by an adoption professional. This type of adoption is also called “mediated adoption.” Having the assistance of a professional to facilitate communication can settle any anxiety the potential mother or adopting family may feel, and it helps provide a sense of stability to the communication plan. Additionally, Montana’s adoption law specifically states that a communication agreement is not enforceable in the eyes of the court, which means it is important to work with an adoption agency and adoptive family who you trust.

Lastly, you can choose closed adoption if that is best for you. In a closed adoption, no information is shared and there is no ongoing contact with the adopting family. “Goodbye” really is goodbye in closed adoption in Montana. While this is the least common type of domestic infant adoption today, it is still an option for you.

Types of Communication During an Open Adoption in MT

The type of communication you experience during your open adoption in Montana will vary on a case-by-case basis according to the adoption plan you create. However, there are some generalities that most open adoption plans have in common.

During pre-placement contact, you will have a chance to get to know the adoptive family before your baby is born. This usually takes place over conference calls, via email and text messages or through  in-person visits. The chance to learn more about the adoptive parents is incredibly valuable. It can help everyone involved feel even more committed to a successful adoption.

After placement has occurred, most open and semi-open adoptions in Montana will have guidelines for continuing communication. The most common type of communication is occasional photo and letter updates. However, your plan can include emails, phone calls and personal visits as you stay connected with your child’s life.

We’ve seen so many open adoption stories that show how wonderful this opportunity can be. The chance for a child to know their own adoption story and a mother to stay connected with her child can be beautiful.

If you have more questions about open adoption in Montana, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION today or request more free information.

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