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Nebraska Adoption Laws You Need to Know

It’s important that prospective adoptive families work with an adoption attorney who is familiar with Nebraska adoption laws to make sure that their adoption is completed correctly.

Many families who work with national adoption agencies like American Adoptions will adopt outside of their own state. This is why it’s crucial for your adoption professional to guide you through both the adoption laws in Nebraska as well as the adoption laws within the expectant mother’s home state.To request information about the Nebraska adoption process, call 1-800-ADOPTION now. 

In the meantime, the following information will help provide you with a better understanding of the domestic adoption laws in Nebraska that influence how you adopt a child.

Please note that this guide is not intended to be used as legal advice. Contact your adoption attorney for any legal questions.

Who Can Adopt in Nebraska?

Nebraska adoption laws state that “any adult person may adopt.”

Prospective adoptive parents can be single or married, but married adoptive parents must petition to adopt jointly.

In addition to the legal requirements of Nebraska adoption laws, your adoption professional will have their own set of requirements for adoptive parents. For example, although the state of Nebraska does not legally specify an age minimum to adopt, most adoption professionals in NE do have age requirements. Adoption requirements may vary depending on the type of adoption as well as the adoption professional that you choose.

Regardless of the type of adoption and adoption professional, however, all prospective adoptive families in NE must first be approved to adopt by a Nebraska-licensed home study provider. This process includes home visits, background checks, training courses, family interviews and more.

Who Can Be Adopted in Nebraska?

Any minor or adult child may be adopted, according to Nebraska adoption laws.

Before a child can be eligible for adoption in Nebraska, their biological parents must first terminate their legal parental rights in accordance with Nebraska adoption consent laws.

Anyone who is 14 years old or older must give their consent to being adopted in Nebraska.

Nebraska Adoption Laws about Advertising

No person or entity can facilitate or advertise for adoption unless the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has approved them to do so.

You should always defer to your adoption professional if you have any questions about how Nebraska laws on advertising will affect searching for an adoption opportunity. Most adoption professionals will take care of this step for you.

Nebraska Adoption Laws about Birth Parent Expenses                                        

Birth parent expenses are not directly addressed in any adoption laws in Nebraska, so they’re generally reviewed by the court for each individual situation to ensure that the expenses are reasonable.

American Adoptions financially protects adoptive families in the event of a disrupted adoption in the form of a unique Risk-Sharing Program. This means that, unlike with other agencies, you would be reimbursed for any expenses paid into a disrupted adoption situation.

Call 1-800-ADOPTION to find out more about how American Adoptions can guide you through applicable adoption laws in Nebraska, should you choose to work with our agency.

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