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Get Paid for Adoption-Related Expenses in North Dakota

Do mothers get paid for adoption? Is adoption compensation for birth mothers a possibility in North Dakota? Are there adoption agencies that pay you in North Dakota? Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption?

At American Adoptions, we hear questions like those above on a regular basis. It’s completely logical. Many women who experience unplanned pregnancies are concerned about finances, and it’s a rational concern; raising a child until the age of 17 cost an average of $233,610 in 2015. That’s a number that will only rise as time passes — and it doesn’t include expenses like college or having your child live with you past the age of 17, which is becoming more and more common.

Whether you aren’t sure you can afford to raise a child or you’re objectively curious about the realities of receiving financial assistance for adoption in North Dakota, educating yourself about what the state’s laws have to say can only be a positive.

Some of the most common questions regarding North Dakota adoption financial assistance are easy to answer, while others are less black and white. To help you in your research for information about adoption and finances, we’ve gathered answers to the following common adoption financial assistance questions:

Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in North Dakota?

No. There is no situation in which it would ever cost you money to place your child for adoption. This holds true for North Dakota as well as everywhere else in the United States: It is free to put a baby up for adoption.

If adoption is something you’re even considering for your baby, it’s because you’re selflessly considering his or her needs before yours. Placing a child for adoption isn’t easy; it’s challenging both physically and emotionally, and it’s the ultimate personal sacrifice. If you do choose to go through this process for the benefit of your child, it shouldn’t have to be a financial hardship as well. Adoption is always completely free to pregnant women in North Dakota who are considering it.

Do mothers get paid for adoption in North Dakota?

This is another question with a very black-and-white answer, which is no. In no situation can you pursue adoption for compensation in North Dakota — or anywhere else within the United States. You will never profit from placing your son or daughter for adoption. It is illegal to accept money or anything of value in exchange for your decision to place your child for adoption, and it is also illegal for prospective adoptive parents to offer it. However, you may still be eligible for adoption financial assistance in North Dakota. See below.

Are there adoption agencies that pay you in North Dakota?

No. Because it is illegal to get paid for adoption in North Dakota, this means that you cannot get money to give baby up for adoption — from any adoption agency or any other type of adoption professional. An adoption agency will not pay you to work with them. They can, however, help to make sure you receive any adoption financial assistance you may be eligible for.

Is adoption compensation for birth mothers a possibility in North Dakota?

As we’ve said above, it’s important to know that it is always illegal to pursue adoption for compensation in ND — or anywhere else. However, North Dakota state laws allow for adoption financial assistance for pregnant women choosing to place their children for adoption. If you live in North Dakota, you can receive adoption financial assistance for the following:

  • Any medical expenses related to prenatal care or the birth of your child

  • Counseling services related to you pregnancy, birth or placement

  • Legal services related to adoption

  • Transportation, meals and lodging related to counseling, medical services or legal services

  • Living expenses to maintain an adequate standard of living, which may include rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, cell phone bills, maternity clothing and more

You may be eligible to receive this financial assistance for adoption throughout your entire pregnancy and up to six weeks after giving birth. It’s also possible that the court approves a period of longer than six weeks after birth if you experience complications that render you unable to work.

It’s important to note, though, that any payments for this adoption financial assistance must be properly handled. An adoption agency may charge adoptive families reasonable fees for their services, and this would include handling the transfer of funds and arranging to have all of the above expenses paid for you. Never accept money from an adoptive family — even for any of the above allowable expenses —without going through an adoption professional.

To learn more about North Dakota financial assistance for adoption — or to begin the adoption process — please contact American  Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a licensed social worker.

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