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Adoption in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

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Whether you’re considering adopting a child or placing a baby for adoption in Lubbock, TX, working with a reliable adoption agency is important because having the right support and resources available to you makes all the difference during this beautiful experience.

“I had given another couple the greatest gift imaginable, and I wouldn’t be the one bringing him home. I am sure that I made the best decision possible for me and I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Donna about her adoption experience.

No matter what side of the adoption you’re on, you’re making a brave and selfless choice, and you deserve support and helpful resources during this exciting journey. As a full-service, fully licensed national adoption agency with more than 25 years of experience, American Adoptions can be that professional.

We serve couples hoping to adopt a child as well as pregnant women considering adoption in Lubbock. We can assist you with every step in the Lubbock adoption process, including providing access to legal counsel, 24/7 emotional support for expectant parents who are placing a child for adoption in Lubbock, home study services, and more.

In the meantime, the following resources for adoption in Lubbock, Texas, can also help you get started on your adoption journey:

Lubbock Adoption Agencies

The enormity of your decision to choose adoption cannot be stated enough. You are making a brave and selfless decision that will change a child’s life for the better. The adoption agency you choose to work with will shape your entire experience. A good agency is the key to a successful placement.

Over the years, thousands of prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive families have completed successful adoptions in Lubbock, throughout Texas and across the country with the help of American Adoptions. We go above and beyond to meet your needs, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We provide an array of services to expectant parents and hopeful adoptive such as:

  • Financial assistance. We provide adoption financial assistance to birth parents to ensure that they are comfortable and provided for throughout their pregnancy.

  • Matching services. Our adoption specialists help the prospective adoptive family create their adoption profiles so that they can get connected with an expectant birth parent who feels they are perfect for raising their child. Because we work with many more families at once than most other agencies, prospective birth parents have greater choice.

  • 24/7 counseling. Our adoption counselors are available to help expectant birth parents cope with the difficult emotions they might be experiencing, no matter what time it is.

  • Shorter wait times. Our national reach allows us to connect expectant mothers and prospective adoptive parents with adoption opportunities quicker than if you used a local agency.

“The family that I chose could not have been any better. Not only did they deserve my baby, but my baby deserved them. I thought I was going to lose so much when I handed her off to her new family but I gained more than I thought. I gained self-respect for myself and I gained a compassion and love for two strangers that I entrusted to love my little girl and do their very best by her,” said Mendy, a birth mother who chose to give her baby a better life.

American Adoptions is fully licensed in Texas and has offices throughout the state, which means we are a convenient option for prospective birth and adoptive parents in Lubbock. Our primary Texas office is located at:

700 N. Carroll Ave.

Suite 160

Southlake, TX 76092


At the same time, our national scope and size enable us to offer services and benefits other adoption agencies can’t match, such as shorter wait times and financial protection for adoptive families, greater accessibility, and more adoption profiles to choose from for potential birth mothers.

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Lubbock, TX

While American Adoptions can meet all your needs for domestic infant adoption, there are other ways to adopt. If you’ve always wanted to foster to adopt in Lubbock, contact any of the following local resources to learn more about how to adopt from foster care:

International Adoption Agencies in Lubbock

Another way to adopt is international adoption, also called intercountry or foreign adoption. For families who wish to adopt a child from another country, the nearest international adoption agencies are the following:

Lubbock Adoption Attorneys

Whether you’re adopting a child or “giving a baby up” for adoption in Lubbock, you’ll need the representation of a Lubbock adoption attorney to ensure that the process is legally sound. Your adoption lawyer can walk you through the legal steps of adoption in Lubbock, from consent to finalization.

American Adoptions connects birth and adoptive parents to the legal services that they’ll need for their Lubbock adoption, but other local adoption attorneys that you could work with include:

Home Study Providers in Lubbock

As a licensed home study professional in the state of Texas, American Adoptions is able to complete this step for hopeful adoptive parents, so you won’t need to contact a separate home study agency. We can also complete your Lubbock adoption home study even if you are working with another professional for placement services.

Home studies can feel invasive at first, but our adoption specialists want to rule you in rather than out. Our home studies are in the best interest of everyone involved. It ensures that the adoptive family is prepared to raise a child, which gives the expectant birth parents peace of mind. Most importantly, home studies ensure that the adoptee is well taken care of.

Any of these Texas home study providers will also be able to help you with additional home study needs:

Lubbock Hospitals for Prenatal, Maternity Care and Delivery

Establishing a hospital plan when you’re thinking about placing a baby for adoption in Lubbock means one less thing for you to worry about during your pregnancy. You can create a hospital plan as part of your overall adoption plan with your American Adoptions specialist.

Lubbock hospitals that may be helpful in the creation of your hospital plan include:

602 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79415
(806) 775-8800

4000 24th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410
(806) 725-6000

2412 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas, 79412
(806) 788-4100

During your hospital stay, you should feel as comfortable as possible. You will be able to create your own hospital plan and your adoption specialist will help you make the necessary arrangements with the hospital. You will be able to change your mind about anything in your hospital plan at any point in time. Just be sure to let your adoption specialist know, and you will be well taken care of.

Lubbock Courts for Adoption Finalization

Adoptions in Lubbock fall under the jurisdiction of judicial district courts according to Texas adoption laws. You can find more information about finalizing your adoption in Lubbock here.

Thinking about “giving a baby up” for adoption in Lubbock? Hoping to adopt a child in Texas? Need to find more resources for adoption in Lubbock, TX? Get more information or call 1-800-ADOPTION now for answers to any questions you may have and, when you’re ready, help starting your Lubbock adoption process.

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