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Adoption in McKinney, TX

McKinney Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

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Adoption is a process with a lot of twists and turns, but the destination is well worth it because when all is said and done, you have given a baby the gift of a family.

“I’m at a place now where I can cherish the 13 days I had with him in the beginning. He is the cutest, sweetest little boy, and Sammi and Korby have done an amazing job raising him. I am very confident in my selection of parents, as well as my decision of adoption,” said Sara, a wonderful birth parent.

You might be a hopeful parent, and after living in McKinney for some time, you think you’ve found the perfect place to start a family. Or, you could be a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy, and you’re not sure what your next step should be. But no matter what your reasons are for choosing this path, you probably have a mountain of questions.

In that case, we’d like to help. We know the adoption process can be confusing, and you’re probably unsure of where to start. To fix that, we’ve created a guide to Texas adoption professionals and services near you.

Adoption Agencies in McKinney, Texas

When you’re getting started, one of biggest questions on your mind will likely be, “What should I look for in a McKinney adoption agency?” After all, the agency that you choose will have a significant impact on your entire experience and it’s important to find one that’s perfect for you.

That’s where we come in. With almost 30 years of experience, American Adoptions might be exactly what you’re looking for. As a full-service, fully licensed national adoption agency, we can guide you through every step of your McKinney adoption journey. There are plenty of services that we’re known for, but here are just a few notable ones:

  • Providing prospective birth parents with 24/7 access to counseling resources. You shouldn’t have to go through this process feeling like you don’t have an outlet for the many emotions you are likely experiencing. Our counselors are here to help — day or night.

  • Providing home study services for adoptive families in Texas. A home study is an integral part of the adoption process, and our agency is licensed to provide home study services to hopeful adoptive parents.

  • Financial assistance.  Adoption comes at no cost to you as the birth parent. You have enough to manage without worrying about whether you will be able to provide for yourself during your pregnancy. We can help cover living costs such as rent, groceries, utilities, medical care, etc.

  • National reach. Our status as a national adoption agency allows us to work with many expectant parents and adoptive families at once, which means a higher likelihood of finding the perfect adoption opportunity for you.

“I feel some comfort in knowing I did the right thing. I will miss her forever, and I can only hope I will see her again. American Adoptions has been a delight to work with; they are so thoughtful and helpful even after the adoption process is over. They really care; I made the right choice,” said Blair, a happy birth mother.

Working with the right adoption agency is the first step towards having a fulfilling adoption experience and a successful placement. Adoption agencies can provide you with helpful resources and services that can ease you through the adoption process.

Because of our size and scope as a leading national adoption agency, American Adoptions is able to offer a number of benefits and services you won't find at other nearby professionals.

But, there is another benefit of choosing us as your McKinney adoption agency — with offices located just minutes away in the Dallas area, you'll never have to sacrifice the local convenience and expertise of working with a small regional agency. You can find our primary Texas office at:

700 N. Carroll Ave.

Suite 160

Southlake, TX 76092


For more information on how American Adoptions can help you pursue your McKinney adoption, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or get free information online.

McKinney Adoption Attorneys

It takes more than just an agency to complete a successful adoption. No matter what, you’re always going to need the services of a McKinney adoption attorney. If you work with American Adoptions, we can connect you to an experienced professional from our legal network. However, we know you might feel more comfortable searching for one on your own. In that case, here are a few adoption attorneys in McKinney.

McKinney Adoption Home Study Providers

The home study is an essential component of the adoption process for hopeful adoptive parents. Once this step is complete, your adoption journey will really take off. Because American Adoptions is licensed in Texas, you’ll already have a home study provider when you work with us —– so you won’t need to contact another professional. We’re also able to provide Texas home studies for families who are working with another agency for placement for a McKinney adoption.

If you’d like to learn more about what a home study in Texas entails, take a look for more details. Or, contact us to start your McKinney home study process today.

Foster Care Professionals for McKinney Adoption

There’s more than one way to build a family through adoption in McKinney. If you’re interested in adopting an older child, then you’ve probably already thought about foster care. This is an amazing opportunity, but unfortunately, American Adoptions doesn’t have services in place to complete this type of adoption. Instead, here are some foster care organizations near McKinney to consider:

International Adoption Agencies in McKinney

A third option for families interested in adoption is to look overseas to build their family. Much has changed with this type of adoption in McKinney, like which countries you can still adopt from, so we recommend contacting an experienced professional who can help you through the process. Here are a few of our options:

McKinney Hospitals

As a prospective birth mother, you are in charge of every aspect of your McKinney adoption. One of those choices includes picking the right hospital to deliver your baby at. With your specialist’s help, you can create an adoption and hospital plan that’s perfect for you. For an adoption in McKinney, you can expect this important day to take place at one of the following locations:

If you have any questions, don’t forget that you can give us a call anytime at absolutely no cost to learn about all of your unplanned pregnancy options, not just adoption.

McKinney Adoption Court System

An adoption isn’t really over until it’s finalized. After this step, your child will finally be a permanent, legal member of his or her adoptive family. Your adoption attorney and specialist will go over everything you need to know for your hearing. Don’t forget to bring a camera and invite your favorite people to help celebrate this incredible moment!

For an adoption in McKinney, Texas, you can expect your finalization to take place in your county’s district court.

McKinney Tourist Attractions

McKinney, Texas is about half an hour away from Dallas —– so there’s plenty to do! If you’re passing through for your adoption, make some time to visit these popular attractions:

The adoption process is an exciting journey, and we are excited to help. If you’re ready to start your adoption journey in McKinney, give us a call today at 1-800-ADOPTION or get free information online.


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