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Washington Adoption Financial Assistance

Can You Get Paid for Adoption in WA?

It isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to contact American Adoptions wondering about the financial side of adoption in Washington. Money is frequently a concern with an unplanned pregnancy, so if you have some of these same questions, that’s completely understandable. You can contact us online and ask any questions that you have about adoption in Washington. You certainly aren’t the only woman to wonder about adoption financial assistance in Washington. In particular, you may be wondering one or more of the following questions:

  • Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in Washington?

  • Does Washington allow adoption compensation for birth mothers?

  • Does Washington have adoption agencies that pay you?

  • Is adoption compensation for birth mothers allowed in Washington?

  • Do mothers get paid for adoption?

Some of these questions have simple, black-and-white answers, while others are slightly more complicated. Below, we’ve addressed each:

Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in Washington?

This question is easily answered; no matter the circumstances, it is free to put a baby up for adoption in Washington. While it’s inevitable that pregnancy may be a challenge both physically and emotionally, it will not cost you any money to place your child for adoption. No matter which adoption professional you choose to work with or where a prospective adoptive family lives, it will always be completely free to you to choose adoption for your baby.

Does Washington allow adoption compensation for birth mothers?

Under no circumstances should you profit by choosing adoption for your child, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible for adoption financial assistance. Washington allows adoptive families to cover certain expenses for birth parents, like:

  • Any prenatal or medical expenses relating to the child’s birth

  • Attorney fees and any court costs involved in transferring custody of the child

Washington’s laws do not address what specific birth parent expenses are not allowed, but it is clear that it is illegal to ever accept money or anything of value in exchange for the placement of a minor.

Does Washington have adoption agencies that pay you?

This question in itself is a bit misleading, as is the idea of “payment for birth mothers.” As we said above, you don’t get paid for adoption in Washington or anywhere else in the United States. It is illegal for anyone to offer you money or anything of value in an effort to influence your adoption decision. You cannot get money to give baby up for adoption. However, you are absolutely eligible for financial assistance for adoption in the form of an adoptive family covering medical expenses and court costs, as we also stated above. Financial help for birth mothers giving baby up for adoption is not the same as profiting from adoption and is completely legal and ethical.

To learn what you may be eligible to receive in terms of financial assistance for adoption, your American Adoptions adoption specialist will work with you to determine your financial needs.

Do mothers get paid for adoption in Washington — or in any state?

No. While adoption financial assistance is always available to pregnant women pursuing adoption in Washington, it is not legal to pursue adoption for compensation in Washington or anywhere else. Women do not get paid to do adoption.

For more information about what types of Washington adoption financial assistance you may be eligible to receive, call American Adoptions any time at 1-800-ADOPTION. 

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