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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Port St. Lucie, FL

Port St. Lucie Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Choosing to adopt a child or to place a child for adoption in Port Saint Lucie is rarely easy. But this guide to Port St. Lucie adoption resources makes it easier for pregnant women and hopeful parents to find whatever they need in the Florida adoption process, so they can spend less time researching and more time focusing on this life-changing journey.

Here’s what you’ll need if you’re planning to pursue an adoption in Port St. Lucie, Florida:

Port St. Lucie Adoption Agencies

American Adoptions is one of the leading full-service national adoption agencies in the U.S. We’re able to work with pregnant women and hopeful parents who are ready for adoption in Port St. Lucie in any way they need —counseling services, post-adoption communication support, home studies and much more.

Our Florida offices are located in Tampa, at 3001 North Rocky Point Drive East, Suite 200, but our social workers are always ready to travel to you whenever you need us. 

However, there are a few local options when it comes to adoption agencies in Port St. Lucie, the closest of which are Adoption by Shepherd Care and Hope for Families. Carefully research your options when choosing the agency you want to guide you through such a monumental experience.

Port St. Lucie Adoption Attorneys

In order to complete an adoption in Port St. Lucie, FL, both the prospective birth and adoptive parents will need the help of an experienced adoption attorney. Your lawyer will walk you through the necessary legal steps, and they’ll also make sure that you fully understand and consent to everything that happens.

American Adoptions is able to put you in touch with trusted attorneys if you need a referral, or you can always work with your own preferred representative, like one of these Port St. Lucie-area attorneys:

Port St. Lucie Home Study Providers

The Florida home study is an important tool for assessing a prospective Port St. Lucie adoptive family’s readiness to adopt and their ability to provide a child with a safe, stable and loving home. The home study must be conducted with a Florida-licensed provider, like American Adoptions, and must be completed before the family can be approved to adopt.

We can complete home studies for adoptive families living in the Port St. Lucie area, regardless of whether or not your child is placed with you through our agency.

Port St. Lucie Foster Care Professionals

Considering fostering a child or completing a foster care adoption in Port St. Lucie, Fl.? You’ll need to go through the appropriate local organizations for this important family-building path. American Adoptions is not licensed for foster care, but we’re always happy to point you toward local resources that can help you, like:

Port St. Lucie International Adoption Agencies

For hopeful families who want to adopt a child from another country, working with a reputable international adoption agency in Port St. Lucie is a must. That provider will need to be licensed for placements within the country you wish to adopt from. The closest international adoption agency to Port St. Lucie is:

Port St. Lucie Hospitals

Pregnant women who are planning to place a child for adoption in Port St. Lucie, Fl., face a lot of decisions. One of the smaller decisions: Where do you want to deliver your baby? Another: Do you want the family you’ve chosen to be there to support you and to meet the baby?

As you make a birth plan, you may find these Port St. Lucie-area hospitals convenient:

Port St. Lucie Court System

Finalization is the last legal step when a child is adopted in Port St. Lucie. There will be a short and simple hearing scheduled for several months after the child is placed with his or her adoptive parents. At the St. Lucie County court, a judge will issue the final decree of adoption, and everyone who wants to come can pose for a quick photo.

Port St. Lucie Tourism

If a baby is placed for adoption in Port St. Lucie, the birth and adoptive families will likely continue to spend some time there throughout the years. They may get to know each other, placement and/or ICPC might take place there, and open adoption visits may occur there in the years to come.

It can be helpful to have some ideas of fun activities in the area to do together, besides just trips to the beach, like:

Need more information on the Port Saint Lucie adoption process with our agency? Contact American Adoptions now — our licensed social workers can answer your questions and help you get started whenever you’re ready.

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