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How to Find an Adoptive Family in Florida With Our Agency

5 Questions You Have About the Process

Choosing the perfect adoptive family can be a challenge, but with American Adoptions, it’s simpler than you might think:

  • No matter what you’re looking for, you will find an adoptive family that fits the future you envisioned for your baby

  • Your adoption specialist will be there to guide you through the process of selecting a family from start to finish to make sure that you’ve found the perfect match

  • When you choose an adoptive family through American Adoptions, you can rest easy knowing that they’re safe, stable and fully prepared to give your child the life and love they deserve

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption in Florida, you’ve probably already put a lot of thought into the kind of family you’d love for your baby to have. You also may have a lot of questions about how to find adoptive parents like the ones you’ve been envisioning for your child.

This is one of the most important decisions that a prospective birth mother can make in the adoption process. As such, it can also be a source of stress. We get it — you really want to get this right.

American Adoptions is always here to help with a well-defined process that will help you find the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. In fact, you can start the process anytime by calling our specialists at 1-800-ADOPTION, requesting free information online, or viewing our current waiting families for adoption in Florida.

We can also offer local support at our Florida offices:

3001 North Rocky Point Drive East, Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607

And for adoptive families, we are more than ready to offer the support and guidance you need during this journey. Click here to learn more about the process today.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in finding adoptive parents in Florida with our agency, this guide will help you understand that process and answer some of your biggest questions.

To help you get started, we’ve answered some common questions from women like you, who are looking for someone to adopt their baby in Florida:

How many families want to adopt in Florida? [Why you’ll always have options]

There are about 2 million couples waiting to adopt in the U.S. So, for every one baby placed for adoption, there are 36 adoption waiting families hoping to be matched with that child.

If you want to find adoptive parents in Florida, there are hundreds of hopeful couples waiting to become parents in the Sunshine State. And, when you work with American Adoptions, you can start viewing their adoption profiles at any time.

Can you pick who you adopt your baby to? [You are always in charge]

Of course. Any and all decisions made during the Florida adoption process are yours and yours alone. You are in charge of what happens. That includes picking a family waiting to adopt in Florida or anywhere else in the United States.

Our specialists at American Adoptions can help you narrow down the options by identifying what’s important to you in parents looking to adopt a newborn and presenting prospective adoptive parent profiles based on that. And because our staff has personal adoption experience, we know what to help you look for while you find the right fit.

How do I choose someone to adopt my baby? [And how can my adoption specialist help?]

There’s no one “right” answer to this question, because every expectant mother looking for adoptive parents in Florida will value different things in potential adoptive parents for her baby. But as many birth mothers can attest to, when you’ve found the right adoptive family, you’ll know.

“[My adoption specialist] said, ‘Frances, you’ll know when you have picked the perfect family,’” Frances says. “When we talked to Chris and Courtney, in the middle of the conversation, I knew Chris and Courtney were the ones.”

It can help to get a clearer idea of what you’re looking for by asking yourself questions like:

  • Where do you picture your child growing up — in the country? The city? In the mountains? Near the ocean?

  • Do you envision your child having siblings? Are they going to be part of a big family or a smaller one?

  • What do you picture their parents being like? Do they have any hobbies, interests, passions, values or traditions that you hope they’ll pass on to your child?

  • How much would you like to keep in contact with the adoptive family after the adoption? Frequently? Occasionally? Would you like to arrange family visits to Florida or maybe regular emails or letters?

Open adoption is a chance for birth and adoptive families to develop lifelong bonds. Choosing adoptive parents is important for both you and your baby, because you can also have a close relationship with your child’s parents, if you choose to. Your open adoption plan is flexible, too. No matter what stage you’re at in the adoption process, you can spend as much time together as you’re comfortable with and you can find a family in Florida who is ready to meet those needs.

“When we got matched with them, it was like an instant connection,” she says. Matthew and Katheryn made themselves available to Randi throughout her pregnancy with weekly phone calls. “If I wanted to talk one week, they would talk to me. If I didn’t, if my emotions were just too strong, they were like, ‘Ok, let’s talk next week,’” she says.

That said, the process of finding adoptive parents in Florida with American Adoptions is easy and straightforward. You can start it anytime by calling a specialist at 1-800-ADOPTION.

Can people from a different state adopt my baby, or do they have to live in Florida? [Expanding your options]

Your baby’s adoptive family could live anywhere in the U.S. when you work with a national adoption agency like American Adoptions. Local adoption agencies and adoption attorneys are typically limited to their area of Florida, but national adoption agencies work with prospective birth and adoptive parents in all 50 states. This means:

  • Prospective birth and adoptive parents are more likely to find a match with the same goals for their adoption, because there’s a larger pool of adoptive couples for expectant mothers to choose from.

  • Adoptive families experience shorter wait times to adopt because of the larger pool of expectant mothers from across the U.S. viewing their adoption profiles.

  • Adoptive parents will travel to you in Florida to meet you shortly before the baby is born, so you’ll have time to get to know each other in person. You can also talk via phone, text, and/or email after you’ve chosen them from their adoption profile

While some prospective birth mothers enjoy living in the same state as the adoptive family and their child, others prefer to have some physical distance after the adoption. That’s entirely up to you.

Not only do we work with more adoptive families, we also work with the best adoptive families. Our staff’s personal experience with adoption means we know what it takes to be an amazing parent. This can give you confidence as you look through family profiles with the help your specialist.

No matter your preferences, American Adoptions can help you find a family for your baby in any state!

I know people who want to adopt a baby and I want them to be my baby’s parents — what should I do next? [How American Adoptions can still help]

In some cases, you may already have parents in mind for your baby. This is usually referred to as identified or independent adoption.

Independent adoption has pros and cons to consider. For instance, removing the search for adoptive parents can relieve stress, which is good. On the other hand, choosing a couple you already know, like friends or family, to adopt your baby can alter your relationship with these people in a drastic way. It’s up to you which option you think will be best.

Even if you’ve already found adoptive parents for your baby, you should always use an adoption professional to conduct your adoption for safety and legal reasons. Why?

  • Adoptive parents working with agencies are carefully vetted and approved on a state and federal level.

  • Prospective birth parents have access to free services including medical care, 24/7 counseling, legal representation, financial adoption assistance for basic living expenses, scholarships and more

  • The professional can provide post-placement support and resources for all members of the triad.

Working with a Florida adoption professional ensures that the prospective birth parent(s), adoptive parents and most importantly, your baby, all remain safe and well-cared-for throughout the adoption process and beyond.

We know finding people looking to adopt can be hard when you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. So, don’t forget that we’re here to help. Whatever your preferences, we can locate prospective adoptive parents in Florida or elsewhere who will be happy to share your adoption goals and needs.

To learn more about how to find adoptive parents in Florida or to begin looking for adoptive parents now, call 1-800-ADOPTION. It’s free, and you’ll have a better understanding of the adoption process after speaking with one of our trained adoption specialists. You can also get more free information online.

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