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Do You Get Paid for Putting a Child Up for Adoption in Iowa?

Does a mother of a baby get paid for adoption in Iowa? Is giving a baby up for adoption free? Is there adoption financial assistance in Iowa?

As an adoption agency, we hear these questions quite often. It’s completely understandable. When many women begin to think about giving a baby up for adoption, money is an important factor. Raising a child takes a vast amount of financial resources, and if you weren’t preparing for it, it can feel overwhelming. The answers to these questions aren’t exactly black and white, but you may be eligible for financial support when giving baby up for adoption in Iowa.

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Adoption Financial Assistance in Iowa

Each state has different laws regarding adoption financial assistance. An Iowa woman considering adoption for her child may be allowed to have the following expenses covered:

  • The child’s birth

  • Legal fees relating to adoption

  • Pregnancy-related medical care for both the birth mother and the child

  • The mother’s living expenses during pregnancy, including rent, food, and transportation

  • Counseling costs for the birth parents prior to and after the birth of the child

Payments for all expenses should be made directly to the provider rather than the birth parents, if applicable. An account of all expenses will be provided to the court.

It is extremely important to understand, however, that it is illegal to accept money or anything of value in exchange for placing your child for adoption. It is also illegal for someone to offer it to you. In addition, you may not accept financial assistance for adoption in Iowa if you don’t actually intend to place your child for adoption.

Another question we get fairly regularly is, “Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in Iowa?” Unlike the above gray areas, the answer to this one is a definite no. Putting a baby up for adoption is free for women in Iowa, as well as in the rest of the United States. The state of Iowa understands the sacrifices involved in placing a child for adoption, and those shouldn’t come in the form of monetary strain as well.

When a pregnant woman decides to work with American Adoptions, she’ll be paired with her own individual adoption specialist. This social worker will ensure the adoption process goes as she desires and will help her to determine what she might be eligible for in terms of Iowa adoption financial assistance.

 Whatever reason you have for thinking about adoption for your child, you’re not alone. It’s a hard decision, but there are resources out there to help you make the best choice for yourself and your child. To learn more about adoption financial assistance or whether it’s free to put a child up for adoption in Iowa, please don’t hesitate to call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION or request free information online.

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