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Open Adoption in Iowa - The Benefits of This Option

If you're considering adoption in Iowa, you most likely are thinking about what type of adoption is right for you and your baby. This guide can help.

If you already know the type of adoption you'd like to pursue, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION or fill out our free online form to start the Iowa adoption process.

What is open adoption in Iowa?

The open adoption definition describes an adoption situation in Iowa where a child’s biological and adoptive parents exchange identifying information. Both parties, as well as the adopted child, share a lifelong relationship for the benefit of everyone involved.

We always recommend open adoption in Iowa when possible at American Adoptions. If you choose to pursue this option, you’ll start to form a relationship with your child’s adoptive family as soon as you choose them. Contact may initially take place via emails, phone calls or even in-person visits; whatever you’re comfortable with is perfectly acceptable for developing this relationship. It’s also important to understand that, like any other relationship, an open adoption in Iowa can change and evolve as time passes and your comfort levels change.

What is semi-open adoption?

A semi-open adoption is the most popular type of adoptive relationship. In a semi-open adoption, the child’s biological and adoptive parents share contact that’s mediated by an adoption professional. This adoption professional acts as a go-between to pass along letter and photo updates of the child as well as the birth parents, if they choose. Since neither party will exchange identifying information with the other, this type of adoption is also referred to as a mediated adoption.

Many pregnant women see semi-open adoption in Iowa as an opportunity to stay updated on their child’s life while taking the space to grieve and move forward with their own goals.

What is a closed adoption in Iowa?

The opposite of the open adoption definition, then, is the closed adoption definition, which describes an adoption situation in which no information or contact at all is exchanged between a child’s adoptive parents and birth parents. This is the least common type of adoptive relationship in Iowa, as it doesn’t allow women who choose adoption to at least have confirmation that their children are safe and happy.

If you feel that a closed adoption in Iowa may be the right choice for you, that’s completely okay. Some women prefer to have a sense of closure after adoption, and a closed adoptive relationship may offer you that privacy so you can move on with your own life. Even if you do choose a closed adoption in Iowa, you can still choose an adoptive family for your child with American Adoptions.

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in Iowa

Since open adoption and closed adoption are clearly two very different types of adoptive relationships, it can help to know the benefits that accompany some degree of openness. These include:

  • Getting to know the adoptive family you choose to raise your child. By developing a relationship with the parents you choose to raise your child, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with them and confident that you made the right choice for your baby. You won’t have to wonder how he or she is, because you’ll be able to receive updates that confirm that all is well.

  • Watching your child grow up happy and healthy. Choosing open adoption in Iowa allows you to watch your child grow up and see as they go on to do as amazing things. This also gives you the opportunity to explain, in your own words, your adoption decision. Your child will never have to worry that they were placed for adoption because they weren’t wanted; you’ll be able to explain just how much love went into this choice.

  • Giving your child and his or her adoptive family access to your medical history. This is an unexpected benefit of open adoption for many women, but an extremely important one nonetheless. Should any health issues arise with your child, having access to your family’s medical history can be invaluable for the adoptive parents in planning medical care.

To learn more about open adoption, closed adoption and semi-open adoption in Iowa, please contact American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION or request free information online.

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