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Open Adoption in Louisiana

Choosing adoption in Louisiana is a beautiful way to give your baby the best life possible.

Even though you're acting in the best interest of your child, you might be struggling with the prospect of leaving the hospital without your child. We're here to let you know that open adoption will allow you to remain a part of your child's life after the adoption is complete.

To get more information about open adoption, contact one of our adoption specialists today.

Open adoption in Louisiana will give you peace of mind knowing your child is happy and healthy, and your child will never have to wonder about where they came from. We have provided a guide below on different post-placement communication arrangements, and why open adoption is the most beneficial.

What is open adoption in Louisiana?

Open adoption definition: A relationship in which a child’s adoptive family and birth parents share identifying information (such as last names, phone numbers and email addresses), and develop a lifelong relationship without needing an adoption professional to facilitate contact.

At American Adoptions, we highly recommend pursuing open adoption whenever possible, as this benefits everyone in the adoptive triad. By choosing an open adoption in Louisiana, you’ll get to start forming a relationship with your child’s adoptive family as soon as you choose them. This can happen in whichever way is most comfortable to you — phone calls, emails or in-person meetings are all options. An adoptive relationship is just like any other and can grow and evolve over time as your wants and needs change.

What is a closed adoption in Louisiana?

Closed adoption definition: A relationship in which a child’s adoptive family and birth parents do not share identifying information and no communication occurs between the two parties. Because women who place their children for adoption typically wish to receive updates about their babies as they grow older, this is the least common form of adoption today.

However, a Louisiana open adoption isn’t for everyone. If you would prefer to feel a sense of closure or maintain your privacy after placing your child for adoption, a closed adoption relationship might be the best choice for you. It’s important to know choosing a closed adoption in Louisiana doesn’t mean you can’t still choose your child’s adoptive family with American Adoptions.

What is a semi-open adoption?

A semi-open adoption, then, is somewhere in the middle. This is the most common type of adoption relationship and refers to a situation in which a child’s adoptive parents and birth parents remain in contact with the help of an adoption professional. This is also referred to as a mediated adoption. Rather than exchange identifying information, an adoption professional will pass along updates about the child, usually in the form of pictures and letters, from the adoptive parents to the birth parents.

If you would like to receive updates about your baby’s health and wellness but would also prefer to have closure and move forward with your own life, a semi-open adoption in Louisiana may be a good option for you.

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in Louisiana

When thinking about the different types of adoptive relationships you could share with your child and their adoptive parents, it’s important to consider the benefits that come along with some degree of openness, or communication. There are many positives to choosing an open or semi-open adoption in Louisiana, some of which include:

  • Watching your child grow up and develop a relationship with them. Having the opportunity to watch your child grow into a happy, successful adult wasn’t always a possibility with adoptions in the past. Where it used to be a closed, secretive affair, women who place their babies now can choose an open adoption in Louisiana to develop a relationship with their child and always know that they are happy, safe and secure.

  • Getting to explain your adoption decision to your child in your own words. It’s common for pregnant women considering adoption to wonder if their children will understand that decision. In a Louisiana open adoption, you can explain to your child however you choose that the adoption choice was not an easy one and that it took a massive amount of love to put his or her interests above your own.

  • Getting to develop a relationship with your child’s adoptive parents. You’ll never have to wonder if you made the right choice in choosing your child’s adoptive family, because you’ll get to develop a relationship with them and know for sure that they are giving your baby the life he or she deserves.

  • Making sure your child’s adoptive parents have access to your medical history. Open adoption doesn’t just benefit adopted kids and birth parents; for adoptive parents, having access to birth parents can be extremely important. It can be invaluable to have access to your family’s medical history if any health issues arise for your baby.

To learn more about the different types of adoption relationships or to learn which one may be best for you, please call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION.

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