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5 Things you Should Know About Getting Paid for Adoption in Maine

The Truth About Adoption Financial Assistance for Potential Birth Mothers

Many expectant mothers considering adoption ask, “Can you get paid for adoption in Maine?”

The answer to that question is, essentially, yes and no. You won’t get “paid” for adoption, and giving a baby up for adoption money is not the right way to approach the process.

However, a lot of your expenses can be covered if you decide to place your baby for adoption in Maine. The amount of expenses eligible to be covered for an expectant mother differs on a case-by-case basis, but nearly all birth mothers receive assistance during the adoption process.

To get more information about financial assistance, reach out to an adoption specialist today.

Here are five things you should know about adoption financial assistance for prospective birth mothers considering adoption in Maine.

1. It does not financially cost you anything to put a baby up for adoption in Maine

It is common for financial pressure to be a factor in an adoption decision, so it is understandable why so many expectant mothers ask, “Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption?”

The answer is no, it does not. There is no financial cost to you to choose to place your baby for adoption in Maine. There are not fees from the agency or from the state placed on birth mothers for choosing adoption. Any services you receive from American Adoptions — like legal services, 24/7 counseling or other necessary expenses — will be covered.

With everything else going on around your decision to place your baby for adoption, you can breathe a little easier knowing this will not be a factor. It is free to place your baby for adoption.

2. You can receive financial assistance for living expenses in Maine

American Adoptions and the adoptive family can work with you to cover expenses during your adoption plan in Maine. This is something that adoptive families understand before they become active in the process, and they have budgeted to help meet your needs.

While going through a pregnancy and an adoption plan, it is completely understandable that your work and living situation could change. American Adoptions does everything possible to be flexible and cover your pregnancy-related living expenses. With all of the things that can cause stress during this process, it is a relief to many mothers to know they will have help in this area.

While this is not the same as getting paid for adoption in Maine, it can still be a relief to birth mothers.

It is important to note, however, that additional payments on top of expenses are not allowed under Maine law. In this sense, keep in mind that you will not be getting “paid,” but rather many of your expenses will be taken care of.

3. Maine does not set a maximum allowable amount for expenses

Each state has different laws around what expenses can and cannot be covered for prospective birth mothers, and many states set a maximum allowable amount for financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption. If you are placing your baby for adoption in Maine, there is not a set maximum amount for your expenses. This means that as long as a judge approves the reason for the expense, it can be covered.

According to Maine law, acceptable expenses include:

  • The cost of legal service related to the adoption process

  • Prenatal and postnatal counseling

  • Medical expenses related to the pregnancy

  • Necessary transportation expenses

  • Foster care expenses, if necessary

  • Necessary living expenses for the birth mother and child

  • Agency fees

Any other expenses or payments are not authorized by the law. However, you can see that the areas where expenses are authorized cover quite a bit. While mothers don’t get paid for adoption, there are still financial advantages. If you do decide to place your baby for adoption in Maine, you should be well taken care of by the adoptive family and adoption agency.

4. A judge will review an itemized account of expenses

This is a critical piece of Maine’s law concerning the payment for birth mother expenses you will receive during your pregnancy. The law states that an itemized and signed accounting statement covering all disbursements made during the adoption process must be submitted to a judge.

This document will need to include not only the item paid but the dates of payment, names of recipients and addresses of any attorney or medical professional who received payment.

Your adoption professional will help keep a detailed record of all adoption compensation during your adoption process to ensure this document is ready for the court.

5. When you receive the funds for your assistance varies

It is difficult to find a general statement about receiving money during the adoption process that is true in all cases. Most of the time, when you will receive funds to cover expenses is based on your specific needs.

In Maine, it should be possible for you to receive funds whenever needs arise throughout the adoption process.

Once your adoption specialist has a better understanding of your unique situation, they will work with the adoptive family and the state of Maine to do everything possible to meet your needs. Since living expenses during an adoption are handled through the courts in Maine, each situation may be different.

To learn more about financial assistance for adoption in Maine, call 1-800-ADOPTION or fill out our contact form today.

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