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Open Adoption in Maryland

If you're an expectant mother pursuing adoption in Maryland, you might be worried about not being a part of your child's life after the adoption. With open adoption, you'll be able to stay in contact with your child and their adoptive family.

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While many adoptions in the past were closed due to the stigma around adoption, most adoptions today are open due to the numerous benefits for everyone involved.

Through open adoption, you'll be able to stay updated on how your child is doing and your child will never have to wonder about their adoption story.

Continue reading below to learn about how you can benefit from open adoption in Maryland.

What is open adoption in Maryland?

The open adoption definition refers to an adoption situation in which a child’s adoptive parents and birth parents meet, exchange identifying information like last names and phone numbers, and develop a lifelong relationship. Open adoption is the most recommended kind of adoption by American Adoptions and other adoption professionals.

If you choose to pursue an open adoption in Maryland, you’ll begin to get to know your child’s adoptive family immediately after choosing them. This could take place in the form of emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings — whatever you’re comfortable with. Like any relationship, an open adoption will grow and evolve over time to match your comfort levels.

What is a semi-open adoption in Maryland?

A semi-open adoption is the most common type of adoptive relationship. Otherwise known as mediated adoption, this is when a child’s birth parents and adoptive parents remain in contact with the help of an adoptive professional. Instead of exchanging identifying information and having direct contact, your adoption professional will act as a go-between to pass along pictures and letter updates of the child.

Many birth mothers prefer this kind of adoption because it allows them to receive updates of their baby and know that he or she is doing well, while still giving them a sense of closure and space to grieve and move forward with their own lives.

What is a closed adoption?

The closed adoption definition describes an adoptive relationship in which no identifying information is exchanged and no communication occurs. This is the least common type of adoption situation, because women who choose adoption generally wish to receive reassurances that their child is doing well in form of picture and letter updates at the minimum.

However, that’s not to say a closed adoption in Maryland isn’t the right choice for some women. If you feel that you value privacy and a sense of closure after adoption, a closed relationship may be beneficial for you. It’s entirely your choice. Please know that even if you do choose a closed adoption in MD, you can still choose an adoptive family for your baby with American Adoptions.

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in Maryland

The difference in these two very different adoptive relationships comes down to the benefits that come with some degree of openness, or communication, in an adoptive relationship. These include:

  • Getting to know your child’s adoptive parents. Openness in an adoption lets you get to know the family you are choosing to raise your child. You’ll never have to wonder later on if you made the right choice because you’ll have the opportunity to develop a relationship with them and feel confident in your decision.

  • Watching your child grow into an adult. In decades and centuries past, women who chose adoption for their babies never got the reassurance of knowing they were growing into successful, happy young adults. In a Maryland open adoption, you will be able to watch your child grow and witness firsthand all of the amazing things they grow up to do.

  • Explaining to your child your adoption decision in your own words. Wondering if your child will understand your adoption decision is a very common feeling for pregnant women considering placing their babies. In an open adoption, you don’t have to wonder about this. You’ll be able to explain to them, in whichever way you choose, how difficult this choice was for you and the immense amount of love that went into making it.

  • Develop a relationship with your child. It’s not only important for you to know your child is doing; he or she will wonder about you as well. Choosing an open adoption in Maryland means your child will never have to feel like you “gave them up,” and they’ll be able to know how you’re doing as well. Best of all, they’ll get to develop a relationship with someone who loves them enough to make such a large sacrifice in their best interests.

  • Give your child’s adoptive parents access to your medical history. Most of the benefits of open adoption affect primarily birth mothers or adopted children, but it comes with a very important plus for adoptive parents as well. Maintaining communication with your child’s adoptive parents will allow them to contact you in the event that they have questions about you or your family’s medical history, which can be invaluable in planning medical care for your child.

If you aren’t sure which type of adoptive relationship is best for you, please call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist

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