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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Is it Free to Put a Child Up for Adoption?

Why it Never Costs to Place a Baby for Adoption

Women who are pregnant, considering adoption and worried about finances have asked, “Do you have to pay to give your child up for adoption? What does putting a baby up for adoption cost?” The answer is nothing — it is always 100 percent free to make an adoption plan for your baby.

The gift you are considering giving your child and another family is absolutely priceless. In return, you should not endure any financial hardship from this selfless decision, nor should you have to pay any fees to place your baby with the adoptive family of your choosing.

This is why, at American Adoptions, it is free to put a baby up for adoption. One hundred percent of a birth mother’s expenses are paid for by the adoptive family, including:

  • 24/7 support and counseling

  • Adoption planning and case management services

  • Medical care for the prospective birth mother and baby

  • Legal services to ensure your rights are protected

  • Living expenses, like rent, groceries and utilities, depending on your circumstances

  • And more

To find out what adoption financial assistance you might be eligible to receive or to get free information about adoption, contact us online or by calling 1-800-ADOPTION. Have a question about the fees of placing a baby for adoption? These frequently asked questions (and their answers) may help:

“If I give my baby up for adoption, is it free to receive counseling?”

Yes. The adoption process is an emotional time, and having someone to talk to about your feelings is essential to a healthy adoption process. Whether you have an important question needing answered, an emergency, or you just need someone to talk to, your adoption specialist will be available by phone, 24/7, for support, education and counseling — all at no cost to you.

“How much does putting a child up for adoption cost in medical fees?”

When it comes to medical expenses, the average cost of “giving a baby up” for adoption is $0. That's because when you are “giving up” a baby for adoption, fees not covered by insurance or Medicaid will be paid for by the adoptive family. American Adoptions will help you receive prenatal care (if you haven’t already) and a sonogram, as well as any other medical care you or your baby might need for a healthy pregnancy. We will also work closely with you to create an adoption hospital plan that perfectly fits your wishes for when your due date arrives.

“During the legal process, what does it cost to put a baby up for adoption? Do you have to pay for the lawyer?”

No. You will be provided with your own experienced adoption attorney, who will walk you through each step of the legal process and ensure you understand your rights and everything you are agreeing to. He or she will have your absolute best interest in mind throughout each step of the legal process, from consenting to the adoption to helping you receive any living expenses you might need (read more below). These legal services, like every service you receive throughout your adoption process, will be completely free to you.

“What about my pregnancy expenses? Does giving a baby up for adoption cost money in the form of extra groceries, time off work and other costs?’

It’s true that there are certain costs associated with pregnancy — but as a woman considering adoption, you are not responsible for many of those expenses. In most situations, you may be eligible to receive living expenses to help cover your rent, utilities and other bills. Your adoption specialist will work with you to understand your financial needs during your pregnancy, and then make sure you receive the living expenses for which you are eligible by your state laws and court-ruled financial need.

“Does putting a child up for adoption cost money after the process is complete? What about post-adoption counseling and contact with the family?”

No. Not only are all the adoption services free to you throughout the adoption process, you’ll also have continued access to several ongoing birth parent resources for free after the adoption, should you ever need them. This includes:

  • Post-adoption counseling

  • Scholarship opportunities to eligible birth parents

  • Referrals to helpful post-adoption resources

  • Facilitations of post-adoption communication between you, your child and the adoptive family for up to 18 years if you choose a semi-open adoption

  • Help with navigating direct post-adoption communication between you, your child and the adoptive family if you choose an open adoption

  • And more

“Are there any other free items for women considering placing a newborn for adoption?”

Yes. One of the other free services women receive with American Adoptions is the chance to be considered for a birth mother scholarship. Every year, American Adoptions awards thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships to women wanting to begin or continue their educations. We often receive updates from our past scholarship recipients about their achievements in college or their careers, and we are immensely proud to play a small role in their success.

“Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in any situation?”

No. It’s always free to place a baby for adoption, regardless of your circumstances. It does not matter what your background is like, how far along in your pregnancy you are, how often you are in contact with your adoption specialist — putting your baby up for adoption is free to you no matter what.  

“What else should I know about the costs of giving a baby up for adoption?”

One of the reasons why many women choose adoption for their babies is because they’re not financially prepared for this baby at this time. So, not only is putting a baby up for adoption free, you may also be eligible for financial assistance in the form of living expenses.

You’ll also receive all of the services for your adoption process free. When you place a baby with a family through American Adoptions, this means that you’ll receive free counseling before, during and after the adoption, free medical and legal care and more.

“Why is it free to put a child up for adoption?”

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is stressful, and choosing adoption for your baby is one of the most emotionally challenging decisions you’ll ever have to make. It takes great love and many physical, mental and emotional sacrifices to give this incredible gift to your child and to another family — it shouldn’t take financial sacrifices, as well. That’s why there are no costs to put a baby up for adoption. 

Pregnancy and childbirth alone can be extremely costly, let alone the cost of raising that baby. This is why many women choose adoption for their child. Through adoption, they’re able to have the costs of their pregnancy and delivery taken care of for them, and they’re also able to ensure that their baby will be taken care of — emotionally, mentally and physically, as well as financially.

For more information about the costs of adoption for women considering adoption and why it is free to give a baby up for adoption, call us at 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online now for free adoption information.

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