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Adoption Videos - Communicate More Effectively to Pregnant Mothers

How Adoptive Family Video Profiles Benefit Your Adoption

Adoptive Family Video Profiles are produced by Show Pro Media.

Have you ever stopped to think about how difficult it must be to make a life-changing decision based solely on text and pictures?

In past adoptions, a pregnant mother was expected to select an adoptive family without first knowing what they sounded like, how they interacted with each other, or even what they might be like as parents. Thanks to innovation in the adoption process, of which American Adoptions is proud to be leading the field, it’s not like this anymore.

Today, adoptive families who work with American Adoptions are able to give prospective birth mothers a more genuine, in-depth look into their lives and personalities through adoption video profiles. These adoption profile videos go beyond letters and pictures and present a real, personal look at an adoptive family.

Each of our adoptive families has their own adoption video profile that highlights their personalities, interests, other family members, pets, home, neighborhood, and most importantly, their excitement to become parents through adoption. Our video profiles are not slideshows — they are 2- to 4-minute mini-movies about anything and everything a birth mother may want to know about you, the adoptive family.

Through conversations with birth mothers, we have learned that there are many advantages to these adoption video profiles.

If you're a prospective birth mother and you want to view our many adoptive family profile videos, take this link. You can also get more information on waiting families and profile videos by completing our online form to connect with one of our experienced adoption professionals.

Here are a few of the most important benefits:

Provide Families an Advantage of Being Chosen

Adoptive families who continue to only use a print profile or video slideshow risk being overlooked in favor of families with an adoptive family video profile. A growing number of pregnant mothers are only visiting agency websites with videos of their adoptive families. This makes sense — video gives a much more personal look at a family, which helps the prospective birth mother make a more informed decision for her baby.

Lower Chance of Disappointment

Adoptive families without adoption video profiles are sometimes “interviewed” by prospective birth mothers before they are officially chosen to pursue the same adoption plan. This results in immense disappointment for the hopeful waiting family if they ultimately are not chosen. To speak with a prospective birth mother and then not be selected by her is a tough pill to swallow.

Conversely, adoptive families with a video profile often avoid this disappointment because a potential birth mother can see their personalities firsthand and know if they are a good fit before choosing them. Then, instead of being interviewed, the adoptive family has the opportunity to get to know the prospective birth mother through pre-placement contact after already being chosen to adopt the baby.

Help a Prospective Birth Mother Stay Committed

Throughout the adoption process, an expectant mother often re-watches her chosen family’s adoption video profile dozens of times to remind her of the life she has envisioned for her child and to keep her committed to her adoption plan.

Choosing the right adoptive family is of vital importance to prospective birth mothers. They have hopes and dreams for their baby. A sense of confidence that they made the right decision goes a long way in helping prospective birth mothers feel at peace with their adoption plan.

Educate Others About Adoption

It’s common for potential birth mothers to have friends and family members who are against her adoption plan because they don’t understand adoption or the types of families looking to adopt. Video profiles are an effective tool to help a prospective birth mother educate her friends and family members about adoption and the family she has chosen to raise her child.

How to Make a Good Adoption Profile Video

American Adoptions partners with Show Pro Media to help adoptive families create the best adoption profile videos. Show Pro has an efficient and proven process that consistently produces high-quality video profiles. While there may be other routes to create your video, none are as sure as working with Show Pro.

With the help of Show Pro’s experienced video professionals, here’s how to make a good adoption profile video:

  • Step 1: Order your video profile kit, which is carefully crafted to set you up for success.

  • Step 2: Carefully follow the directions, which have been perfected over the years and have helped thousands of families create great adoption profiles.

  • Step  3: Enjoy the process of filming your profile and incorporate some of the best tips and tricks.

  • Step 4: Return your video kit and work with your Show Pro editor until you adoption profile is complete.

For more information about how to make an adoption profile video, check out the following brochure: Adoptive Family Video Profiles.

If you have any more questions about our adoption videos, request free adoption information here.

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