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Open Adoption in Hawaii

What an Open Adoption in Hawaii Could Look Like for You

If you're considering adoption in Hawaii, you most likely are thinking about what type of adoption is right for you and your baby. This guide can help.

If you already know the type of adoption you'd like to pursue, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION or fill out our free online form to start the Hawaii adoption process.

What is open adoption in Hawaii?

Open adoption definition: an adoptive relationship in which a child’s birth parents and adoptive parents get to know each other and share a lifelong relationship. In this scenario, both the birth parents and adoptive parents exchange identifying information — including ways to directly contact each other — in order to communicate without the help of an adoption professional. In present-day adoptions, an open adoption in Hawaii is always recommended if possible.

If you do decide that an open adoption in Hawaii is the right choice for you, you’ll work alongside your American Adoptions specialist to begin to get to know your child’s adoptive parents as soon as you choose them. You can decide the method in which you’re most comfortable communicating, from phone calls to letters, emails, in-person meetings or more. As you begin to develop the relationship and become comfortable with the adoptive family you’ve chosen for your baby, that relationship can evolve and change over time — just like a relationship with anyone else.

What is semi-open adoption in Hawaii?

Semi-open adoption definition: an adoptive relationship in which a child’s birth parents and adoptive parents exchange updates with the help of an adoption professional but do not communicate directly with each other. This may also be referred to as a mediated adoption. Instead of exchanging identifying information, like in an open adoption, both parties may share limited contact and use an adoption professional as a go-between.

For many women, a semi-open adoption in Hawaii is ideal because it allows them to ensure that their babies are doing well while still having a sense of closure that can help to move on with their own lives. At American Adoptions, our adoption specialists will help you understand what a semi-open adoption will look like for you, if you're interested in this path.

What is closed adoption in Hawaii?

Closed adoption definition: an adoptive relationship in which a child’s birth parents and adoptive parents exchange no identifying information and no contact, through the help of an adoption professional or not. If this is the type of adoption scenario you choose, you will receive no updates of any sort about how your child is progressing. Because many women want to be sure that their children are safe, happy and healthy, this is the least common type of adoption today.

It’s important to remember, however, that every adoption situation is different. It’s entirely possible that a closed adoption in Hawaii might be the right decision for you, and there is nothing wrong with that. At American Adoptions, you can still choose your child’s adoptive family if you decide to pursue closed adoption.

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in Hawaii

The most important differences between a Hawaii open adoption and closed adoption come in the form of the benefits that are associated with communication in an adoptive triad. While it’s hard to narrow these down into one list, a few very important pluses to an open adoption in Hawaii include:

  • Getting the chance to explain to your child why you chose adoption for him or her. You’ll never have to worry about your child misunderstanding your decision and feeling unloved or unwanted, because you’ll have the opportunity to explain to him or her, in your own words, exactly how hard this decision was and why it was in their best interest.

  • Getting to know the adoptive parents you choose for your child. An open adoption doesn’t just give your baby access to more family and love; it’s not uncommon for birth mothers in open adoption to feel that they have gained family members as well. You’ll be able to continue your relationship with your child’s adoptive parents and ensure that they are happy as well.

  • Watching your baby grow into a happy, healthy and loved adult. You’ll never have to wonder how your baby is doing. Instead of worrying, you can reach out and ensure that your child is happy, healthy, loved, and possessing of every opportunity that you wanted for him or her. You’ll always be able to see that you made the right decision for your baby in choosing adoption.

  • Making sure your child’s adoptive parents have access to you and your medical history should any emergencies arise. It may seem like an open adoption benefits only the adopted child and the biological parents, but that isn’t the case at all. One significant benefit for the adoptive parents is an open line of communication with you should any medical scenarios arise for the child. It can be invaluable to be able to ask you questions about your medical history as well as your family in order to plan care for your baby.

Reading this article may not have suddenly illuminated the right kind of adoptive relationship for you, but talking with an adoption specialist about your own specific situation can. To learn more about open adoption in Hawaii, contact American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION. 

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