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Find an Adoptive Family in Kentucky

If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption in Kentucky, you've come to the right place. For over 30 years, American Adoptions has been completing adoptions for birth mothers all over the Bluegrass State.

If you're ready to begin your adoption journey today, call 1-800-ADOPTION or fill out our contact form.

Whether you live in Lexington or Louisville, Bowling Green or Owensboro, or anywhere else in the state, we can help you find the perfect parents for your adoption in Kentucky or in any other state. By working with a national adoption agency like American Adoptions, you have a greater number of adoptive couples to choose from rather than limiting yourself to adoptive parents in Kentucky.

The following questions are some of the most frequently asked by expectant mothers looking for adoptive parents in Kentucky:

How many families want to adopt in Kentucky?

There are an estimated 2 million couples looking to adopt in the United States alone. For every child that is placed for adoption, there are 36 adoption waiting families hoping to meet that child. This means that there are many hopeful adoptive families for you to choose from, in Kentucky and throughout the U.S.

Can I pick a family to adopt my baby?

Yes! All of the decisions in the adoption process belong to you, and that includes choosing a family waiting to adopt.

Can people from a different state adopt my baby, or do they have to live in Kentucky?

When you work with a national adoption agency over a smaller regional agency, the adoptive family can live anywhere in the United States! Some birth parents find that they prefer choosing adoptive families who live in Kentucky, making future visits a little easier. Other birth parents feel more at peace with increased distance in their adoption, so they may prefer to choose adoptive parents who live in a different state.

Remember that all adoptive parents with American Adoptions are willing to travel to you for the birth and post-adoption visits. You can search for adoptive couples by their state of residence here.

What is the religion of the adoptive parents?

Again, that’s up to you, if you have a preference. American Adoptions works with adoptive families of all different faiths, so if it’s important to you that your baby is raised in a certain religion, there’s an adoptive couple who likely shares your beliefs and values.

You can search adoptive couples by their religion here.

How do I choose someone to adopt my baby in Kentucky?  

Every expectant parent looks for different qualities in their baby’s potential parents. Sometimes it can be helpful to clarify how you picture your child’s life with their adoptive family by asking yourself questions like:

  • Do you imagine them growing up with siblings? Older or younger? Brothers or sisters?

  • Do you picture them caring for family pets?

  • Where do you see them living with their family? In the suburbs, the city, or in the country?

  • What might their parents be like? What are they passionate about? What values will they pass on to your child?

  • How often would you like to keep in touch with the family after the adoption? The occasional letter or email? Regular calls or texts? Family visits to Kentucky?

Your adoption specialist will help you connect with adoptive families in Kentucky and other states who match what you’re looking for. Remember that if you’re interested in having a relationship with your child and their adoptive parents after the adoption, open adoption is always a great option that we encourage expectant parents to learn about.

Where can I find KY adoption profiles online?

Right here! All of these families have been approved to adopt on a state and federal level as well as by the agency after clearing a number of processes. Call 1-800-ADOPTION if you’d like to get to know any of these waiting families.

I already know people who want to adopt a baby in Kentucky — what should I do next?

All you have to do is skip over the part of the Kentucky adoption process where you search for adoptive parents! We’ll walk you through the rest.

You should always complete your adoption through a licensed agency, even if you already know your baby’s prospective adoptive parents. This protects you and your baby legally and ensures that the adoptive parents have been properly screened. It also provides you with all the free birth parent services, including:

To learn more about how to find adoptive parents in Kentucky or to start looking for adoptive parents for your baby, call 1-800-ADOPTION now.

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