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Can You Get Paid for Adoption in Tennessee?

4 Questions You Have About TN Adoption Financial Assistance

When you first learn of an unplanned pregnancy, you may be overwhelmed with a flood of questions — including financial ones. “How will I afford this baby? Can I afford an abortion? Can I afford adoption? If I gave my baby up for adoption in Tennessee, would I get paid to do so?”

If questions like these are what led you to this article, know that you are not alone. Many women in your circumstances have similar questions about the average cost of giving a baby up for adoption and adoption compensation for birth mothers in Tennessee.

We’ve addressed some of these questions below, but there are two main takeaways: First, know that if you choose adoption for your baby, the process will not cost you anything. And, second, know that you do not get paid for putting your baby up for adoption — though you may be eligible to receive help with certain expenses throughout the process.

Does it Cost to Put a Baby Up for Adoption in Tennessee?

Many times, financial concerns play a role in a birth mother’s adoption decision. It is not uncommon for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to consider adoption in part because she is worried about the high costs of parenting. If she is struggling to make ends meet, she might be worried that she won’t be able to afford to maintain her pregnancy or to get the adoption services she needs.  

If this sounds familiar, you may be wondering, “Does putting a baby up for adoption cost money in Tennessee?”

The answer to that question is always no. You should know that as a prospective birth mother, adoption is 100 percent free to you. Any services you receive through American Adoptions or another adoption professional will be covered for you, including:

  • Free, no-obligation 24/7 counseling

  • Prenatal care and hospital expenses

  • Legal services

  • Any other necessary adoption services

Adoption is a loving and selfless decision that takes a lot of careful thought, time, energy and sacrifice. It shouldn’t take a large financial investment as well. If you think adoption might be the best choice for your baby, financial concerns should not stand in your way.

To learn more about the free adoption services offered through American Adoptions, contact an adoption specialist any time at 1-800-ADOPTION.

Can You Get Paid for Adoption in Tennessee?

So, if adoption doesn’t cost you anything, do you get paid to give your baby up for adoption in Tennessee? The answer is no; legally, you cannot get paid for adoption in Tennessee or anywhere else in the United States. Adoption for compensation in TN and throughout the U.S. is a form of trafficking, which is why the practice is illegal.

However, we still commonly hear from prospective birth mothers who wonder, “Can I get paid for adoption in Tennessee?” That’s because, while birth mothers are not paid for adoption, they may be eligible for adoption financial assistance during their pregnancy that goes toward their living expenses. Some who are new to adoption confuse this assistance with “giving a baby up for adoption money,” but that’s not the case; financial assistance for adoption in Tennessee exists simply to alleviate the costs of pregnancy so prospective birth mothers can focus on making their adoption plan and keeping themselves and their baby healthy.

While there are no adoption agencies that pay you for the baby in Tennessee or anywhere else in the United States, you may be able to work with your adoption specialist to get help with the following living expenses:

  • Housing

  • Food

  • Maternity clothing

  • Child’s clothing

  • Utilities

  • Transportation

Keep in mind, though, that state, federal and local laws will determine the types and amount of financial assistance American Adoptions and an adoptive family can provide for you.

How Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in TN?

Remember, you cannot be paid in exchange for placing your baby for adoption, and there are no adoption agencies that pay you in Tennessee or anywhere else in the country. However, you may receive financial assistance, which is handled by your Tennessee adoption professional.

At American Adoptions, your adoption specialist will work with you to determine what living expenses you need help with during your pregnancy, and he or she will determine how much you can receive based on your individual circumstances. The amount you receive will vary based on Tennessee’s adoption laws, your income, your living situation and more.

To discuss your financial needs with an adoption specialist, call 1-800-ADOPTION any time, for free and with no obligation to choose adoption.

Why Do Mothers Get Paid for Adoption Expenses in TN?

Adoption can be an emotionally overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be financially overwhelming, as well. As you make one of the most important decisions of your life, you simply shouldn’t be burdened with financial concerns.

That’s why adoption professionals provide free adoption services and help with living expenses — to alleviate the financial stress of pregnancy and childbirth so you can focus on what really matters: staying healthy and making the best possible decision for you and your baby.

To learn more about adoption financial assistance in Tennessee, call 1-800-ADOPTION now or request free information online.

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