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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Will an Adoptive Family Love My Child as Much as Their Own?

Understanding an Adoptive Couple's Journey

Women considering adoption sometimes believe that an adoptive couple can’t possibly love an adopted child as much as one of their own biological children. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Understanding the difficult journey adoptive parents take to bring their child home proves how much the opportunity to love a child means to them and why they love their child more than they ever could’ve imagined.

An Adoptive Couple's Journey to Parenthood

A couple falls in love, gets married and eventually decides the time is right for them to start a family.

Several years pass, and they are unable to become pregnant. They visit a doctor, who prescribes medication to help them get pregnant. But after a year, they still have no luck, so their doctor refers them to a specialist who administers a series of shots, medications and treatments.

The medications and treatments cause side effects like hot flashes, mood swings and depression. The hopeful parents start to feel like animals in a testing lab, and their marriage sometimes feels strained. They know the end result is worth it, so they hold on to hope.

Years pass, and they still cannot get pregnant.

Often by this time, the couple’s friends and other family members have begun to have children, and they are reminded of their infertility everywhere: on TV, in stores, online, and even in casual conversations. While these feelings of helplessness and frustration may be difficult for most of us to understand, they are very real for thousands of couples every year.

You can imagine the relief and excitement these hopeful parents (and others who cannot or do not have biological children for reasons other than infertility) begin to feel when they begin exploring adoption — a very real solution to becoming parents. They often feel a sense of hope that they maybe have not experienced for years.

And when the moment finally arrives, when the new parents first get to hold their new baby because of a birth mother’s amazingly selfless decision, the joy they feel is indescribable. This was a moment they thought might never happen for them, but they are now able to know what it is like to have a child to love and care for.

Having children is easy for many people, but not for everyone. Adoptive parents often struggle physically, mentally and emotionally for years. Even if they don’t experience the pain of infertility, adoptive parents wait for a child. There is a hole in their family. And there is a family out there right now who has been waiting to meet you and who is hoping that your child will be that missing piece they’ve been searching for.

Why an Adopted Child is Loved as Much as a Biological Child

Now that you understand an adoptive family’s journey, how much are they are going to love their child? They have been reserving a special place in their hearts and homes for years. They are prepared in every way to become a mom or dad. They have carefully-prepared empty nurseries, family traditions they ache to share, a college fund set aside for a child they’ve never met and a back yard they dream of teaching a baby to walk in. And when they are finally given that opportunity, they don’t take it for granted. 

And the same is true for families who do have other children before adopting a child. They love all of their children equally, and they don’t consider adoption to be “second-best” or a “last resort.” Their children are thrilled to welcome their new brother or sister, no matter how that sibling comes to them. All that matters is that he or she is an equally important member of their family.

Love is universal, especially to children. The memories and experiences adoptive parents share with their children is what their love is based upon — not on whether or not they share the same bloodline. 

Adoptive parents have fought hard for their children and love them as fiercely as any parent. For adoptive parents who struggled and waited so long to share small, everyday moments with their child, those moments are even more cherished and appreciated. No milestone is overlooked and no time spent together is taken for granted.

Still worried that your child’s parents couldn’t possibly love him or her as much as if they were blood? Just ask an adoptive parent. They’ll share their stories of exactly how much their children mean to them.

You can also contact us online or call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to learn more about the happiness of adopted children, as well as the loving families who raise them. Or, you can browse through the adoption profiles of waiting families to hear from hopeful parents themselves about how much love they have to give to your child.

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