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Find an Adoptive Family in West Virginia

If you’re pregnant and thinking that adoption in West Virginia may be the best path for you and your child, it’s something that you’re considering because you want to make sure they have every chance at an amazing life. You know the opportunities you want your child to have, and you aren’t sure you’re currently in a position to provide them. But how can you ensure that that vision becomes a reality through adoption?

At American Adoptions, we believe every pregnant woman should be able to choose her child’s prospective adoptive parents. Whether it’s important to you to find an adoptive family in West Virginia or select adoptive parents from elsewhere in the United States, the best way to find the perfect fit for your child is by learning more about a set of prospective adoptive parents. Remember, you can contact us online at any time to learn more about adoption in West Virginia.

What to Look for in Adoptive Parents in West Virginia

Some women who contact American Adoptions already have their perfect adoptive family in mind. They know what qualities they’re looking for, and they can easily weed out potential adoptive families who don’t meet their specifications. However, many women looking for prospective adoptive parents in West Virginia aren’t sure what the perfect family looks like, and that’s completely okay. Your American Adoptions adoption specialist will help you consider the answers to the following questions and more:

  • Do you picture your child growing up with adoptive siblings? If you have fond memories of growing up in a full household yourself, it may be important to you that your child receives that same experience. The only way to fully guarantee that, of course, is to choose an adoptive family in West Virginia (or another state) that already has other children. However, many women feel strongly about placing their children with couples who have not yet been able to have one of their own.

  • Is it important to you that your child resemble his or her adoptive parents? Of course, as your child will not share DNA with his or her adoptive family, there’s a limit to how much they can physically resemble each other.  However, some women have strong opinions about their child sharing their prospective adoptive parents’ cultural background.

  • Do you envision your child growing up with an adoptive family in West Virginia? Some women want to keep their children geographically close to them, and that can absolutely be accomplished by selecting prospective adoptive parents in West Virginia. However, because American Adoptions is a national adoption agency, your child’s adoptive parents could be from any part of the country. Whether you see him or her being raised on a Midwestern farm or in a city near the ocean, your dreams for your child can become a reality with American Adoptions.

  • What values and characteristics would you like to have in common with your ideal prospective adoptive parents? What’s important to you in your own life that you would like your child to be raised valuing as well? If you have strong religious beliefs or political beliefs or maybe are particularly ambitious, do you want your child to be raised in an environment that facilitates those characteristics?

After you’ve identified what’s important to you in a prospective adoptive family, you and your adoption specialist will begin actively searching for parents looking to adopt a newborn in West Virginia. 

West Virginia Adoption Profiles

When you and your adoption specialist know what you’re looking for in West Virginia prospective adoptive parents — or adoptive families from elsewhere in the country — it’ll be time to start looking through adoption profiles. Each profile you are shown is for a family that has already been thoroughly screened and has agreed to exchange at least some degree of contact with you if you choose to remain in your child’s life. With American Adoptions, each adoptive family in West Virginia or throughout the country creates two different types of adoption profiles for your benefit:

  1. Print adoption profiles act as simple brochures to fill you in on the basics of a prospective adoptive family’s life — what their family structure is like, what kinds of jobs they have, what their home environment is like, and more.

  2. Video adoption profiles take it a step further. When a prospective adoptive family’s print profile catches your eye, you can then go and watch their video adoption profile. Not only will you be able to learn more about the family, but you’ll also be able to see with your own eyes how they interact with each other in their home environment.

After you’ve selected a prospective adoptive family from the West Virginia adoption profiles, your adoption specialist will arrange and mediate a phone call between the two parties. You’ll get to speak to the family and ask them any questions you may have, and, if all goes, well, you may be talking to your child’s future adoptive family!

To learn more about finding an adoptive family in West Virginia, please contact American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION. 

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