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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Finding Adoptive Parents in Missouri

As a woman considering adoption, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life is choosing adoptive parents for your baby. American Adoptions works with hundreds of hopeful parents looking to adopt a newborn, and sometimes that can seem overwhelming. If you’re choosing adoption for your child, you’re doing it because you want the best for him or her — so how do you make sure the parents that adopt will provide that? That’s where American Adoptions comes in.

The American Adoptions Screening Process for Prospective Adoptive Parents

American Adoptions pre-screens all adoptive families to make sure they meet three important criteria:

  1. All adoptive parents have completed the adoption home study. This ensures that their home, criminal records and finances indicate that they can provide a safe, stable home for children. It also gives a social worker an opportunity to discuss adoption with each family member and verify that each member of the household is excited about adoption and pursuing it for the right reasons.

  2. All adoptive parents are fully committed to adoption. This means that an Adoption Specialist has discussed the adoption decision with them and made sure that they’ve fully moved on from infertility, if that’s the reason they’re choosing to adopt. All adoptive families with American Adoptions are committed to and enthusiastic about growing through adoption.

  3. All adoptive parents are accepting of contact with you. We believe that open adoptions benefit all involved, and we require that our adoptive families be willing to interact with you and exchange, at a minimum, photo updates of your baby until he or she is 18. We encourage you to build a relationship with them if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you are ever introduced to an adoptive family, it’s because they have met all of these qualifications, and we feel that they are capable of and excited about providing your child with an amazing life. 

What You Get to Choose About Your Baby’s Prospective Adoptive Family

Quite frankly, you get to choose everything about your baby’s prospective adoptive parents. When picturing the perfect family for your baby, you’ll want to consider:

  • Location. Do you see your child growing up with Missouri adoptive parents? If you are partial to a certain city, such as St. Louis or Kansas City, that’s an option. As a national agency, though, we work with adoptive families from across the country, so Missouri adoptive families aren’t your only choices. Do you see your child growing up in an urban area? A rural one? Near the beach? On a farm in the Midwest? Whatever you imagine for your child can become his or her reality.

  • Siblings. Do you want the couple that adopts your child to have other children? Do you want those siblings to have come to their family through adoption as well?

  • Physical Resemblance. Obviously, your child is not going to be biologically related to his or her adoptive parents. But do you want them to have the same racial background or share other physical characteristics?

  • Values. What values do you want your child’s adoptive parents to instill as he or she grows up? Is it important to you that he or she gets a certain religious upbringing? Do the adoptive parents share the same values that you do?

It seems like a lot to consider, but we promise, the perfect match is out there for you.

Adoption Profiles: How to Find Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

Knowing what you want in an adoptive family is one thing, but how do you find a family for your baby? Your American Adoptions Specialist will help you to determine what your perfect adoptive family looks like, and then she’ll show you two different kinds of adoption profiles for the families that meet your specifications:

  1. Print Adoption Profiles: These will give you the chance to sit down and thumb through information about each of the adoptive families your Adoption Specialist has selected for you. You’ll learn about their interests and hobbies, their families, why they’re pursuing adoption and what kind of life they might be able to provide for your baby.

  2. Video Adoption Profiles: A video profile will give you a more in depth look into an adoptive family’s life. Not only will you learn about their home environment and desire to pursue adoption, but you’ll get to see how they interact with each other and learn a little more about their personalities. This will help you decide if you’re interested in meeting them or not.

Looking for adoptive parents for your baby can seem intimidating, but it will all be worth it when you find the perfect couple. To speak with an Adoption Specialist about what you’re looking for in a family for your baby, call 1-800-ADOPTION.

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