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Giving Baby Up for Adoption in Wisconsin

What You Need to Know About This Process

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and exploring your options, you may have come across some information about “giving a baby up” for adoption in Wisconsin. If you’re like many expectant mothers in your position, this information may have raised some questions for you: “How can I give my baby up for adoption in Wisconsin? What would it be like to place my baby for adoption in WI?  And, by choosing adoption, am I really giving up on my baby?”

What it Really Means to Give Baby Up for Adoption in WI

As a woman trying to make the best possible decision for your baby, the first thing you should know is that you are not giving up by “giving your baby up” for adoption in Wisconsin. To “give up” on something is to stop trying and to resign yourself to failure — and choosing adoption is anything but giving up. In fact, putting your baby up for adoption in Wisconsin takes a great deal of careful planning, emotional effort and sacrifice.

While you will likely come across the phrase “giving baby up for adoption in Wisconsin” throughout your research and adoption process, know that there is a lot more to adoption than that — and that this type of language is no longer an accurate way of describing the love, bravery and selflessness that goes into making an adoption plan.

How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Wisconsin

To understand just how much love, effort and energy goes into “giving up” a baby for adoption in Wisconsin, we’ve outlined the process for you here. While no two adoptions are alike, and every expectant mother’s circumstances are different, here’s the general process for putting a baby up for adoption in Wisconsin:

1. Educate yourself about your options.

As a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, you generally have three options to choose from: adoption, abortion or parenting. And, while there are professionals who can provide the information and support you need as you explore these options, it’s important to remember that you are the only person who can decide what’s right for you.

At this stage in your unplanned pregnancy, you should take time to research all of your choices so you can make a fully informed decision about what’s best for you and your baby. As you explore your options, you can always reach American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION. Our options counseling is completely free, confidential, and available 24/7 for whenever you need information or support. We can provide more information about all of your options — not just adoption — and contacting us never commits you to placing a baby for adoption in Wisconsin.

For many women, it takes a lot of time and consideration before they can confidently say, “I want to give my baby up for adoption in Wisconsin.” This is normal; you’re making a big decision, and it’s likely one of the most difficult you’ll ever face. Know that you do not need to be 100 percent certain of your adoption decision before moving forward with the process. Your adoption decision does not become final until the legal process takes place after your baby’s birth.

2. Create your personal adoption plan.

When you feel ready, you can start working with your American Adoptions specialist to create a custom adoption plan. This plan is your personalized roadmap for navigating the adoption process. It puts you in charge of making all the most important decisions, including:

  • Choosing the perfect adoptive family for your baby

  • Deciding how you want your hospital experience to go

  • Determining the type of relationship you want with your child after the adoption

  • And more

Your adoption plan may change and evolve throughout your adoption process — and that’s totally okay. This is the plan that will guide you and your adoption specialist through the process of putting a newborn up for adoption in Wisconsin, so it’s important that you’re comfortable with it, every step of the way.

3. Find a family to adopt your baby.

As a woman placing a baby for adoption in Wisconsin, it is up to you to choose the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. This might seem overwhelming at first, but your adoption specialist will help you by:

  • Asking you important questions to determine what you’re looking for in an adoptive family

  • Showing you profiles of waiting adoptive families who might be a good fit

  • Coordinating contact with adoptive parents so you can get to know them better

  • And more

For many potential birth mothers, selecting adoptive parents is a comforting part of the process. Knowing who your child could potentially grow up with can be reassuring, especially when you consider that all of the families who work with American Adoptions:

  • Have been thoroughly screened and approved to adopt through an extensive home study process

  • Are fully committed to the adoption process and parenthood

  • Are eager to create a relationship with you and keep in touch after the adoption to whatever extent you are comfortable with

After choosing an adoptive family for your baby, you will be able to start developing a relationship with them through phone calls, email and text exchanges, in-person visits or whatever forms of contact you are most comfortable having.

4. Place your baby with the adoptive family.

For many prospective birth mothers, this is the most emotional and challenging part of putting baby up for adoption in Wisconsin. Before your baby is born, you can work with your adoption specialist to create a hospital plan that will help you prepare for what to expect when the big day arrives.

As you make your hospital plan, you will decide:

  • Who will be there to support you at the hospital and in the delivery room

  • When the adoptive family will arrive and how they will interact with you and the baby during your hospital stay

  • Who will have the opportunity to hold and meet your baby

  • How much time you want to spend with your baby alone at the hospital

  • And more

When you feel 100 percent ready, your adoption specialist and attorney can help you complete the paperwork to legally consent to the adoption. They will be available to explain your rights and offer any support and guidance you need as you complete the legal process to officially place your baby for adoption in Wisconsin.

5. Stay connected through open adoption.

After you legally consent to place baby for adoption in Wisconsin and he or she goes home with the adoptive family, your adoption process will officially be complete — but your journey as a birth mother is just beginning.

As you recover from your adoption process, both physically and emotionally, your adoption specialist will continue to be available for the emotional support and post-placement services you need. This includes helping you navigate your relationship with the adoptive family as necessary.

While American Adoptions always encourages open adoption whenever possible, it is up to you to decide what kind of relationship you want to have with your child and his or her parents after the adoption. By choosing an open or semi-open adoption, you can have ongoing contact with the adoptive family through picture and letter updates, email and text exchanges, phone calls or even in-person visits — whatever you feel most comfortable with.

“Giving up” a baby for adoption in Wisconsin is an emotionally difficult process, but it isn’t the end of your relationship with your child. To learn more about how to place a baby for adoption in Wisconsin, call 1-800-ADOPTION now or request free, no-obligation information online.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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