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How You are in Control of Your Adoption Process

This is Your Choice and Your Journey

As a pregnant woman considering adoption, you are in complete control of your adoption journey. Every decision starts with you. 

  • An adoption specialist will help you create an adoption plan based on your needs and what you envision for your adoption journey. 

  • You get to choose the right adoptive family that matches your specific needs. 

  • Your adoption hospital plan is made specifically for you. 

You can take control of your situation and start the process today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

The following information will detail some of the important decisions you’ll make during the adoption process. 

If you’re ready to start the adoption process with our agency or wanting more information on how to put a child up for adoption, call us at 1-800-ADOPTION, or visit our online contact forms for prospective birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents.  

4 Ways You are in Control of Your Adoption 

The adoption journey comes with many crucial steps that require important decisions to be made.

While we are your guide and support during the entirety of your adoption journey, you are the one in charge of making the decisions. Only you know what’s best for you and your child, and we’ll be here every step of the way to give you all the guidance, information and support you need.  

1. Creating an Adoption Plan Just for You

You’ve decided to place your child for adoption. Now, it’s time to speak to an adoption specialist about the next steps, starting with creating an adoption plan, which serves as the playbook for your entire adoption experience.  

You’ve probably spent some time envisioning your adoption, what you want it to look like and what expectations you have.  Everything you feel is important for you and your child is taken into account and applied to your adoption plan

2. Are You Ready to Find the Perfect Adoptive Family?

Part of your adoption plan includes deciding what the perfect adoptive family means for you and your child. As you picture your child growing up, what do you envision for his or her adoptive parents? Do you have specific personality traits or personal interests you feel are important for an adoptive family to share?  

When narrowing down what you want in a potential family for your child, consider: 

  • Their age 

  • Their ethnic and cultural background 

  • Educational background 

  • Religious beliefs and practices 

  • Location 

  • Hobbies and interests 

  • Lifestyle 

  • Sexual orientation 

  • And more 

You can choose as much or as little as you want when it comes to the type of family you ultimately work with. Whatever you feel is important for your child will dictate the available family profiles we provide you. For more information on the process of finding an adoptive family, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak to one of our adoption specialists. You can start viewing available family profiles online now

3. Your Adoption Hospital Plan is About What You Want

When it’s time for labor and delivery, you and your adoption specialist will refer to the hospital plan you developed for this exact moment. The experience at the hospital is an emotional one, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. 

There are several important details to address with your adoption hospital plan, including: 

  • Choosing a hospital for labor and delivery. 

  • Which members of your support team will be allowed at the hospital? 

  • Whether you plan to have someone in the delivery room with you. If so, who? 

  • How much time do you want with your baby? 

  • How much contact and visitation do you want with the adoptive family? 

  • And more. 

Your adoption specialist will be there every step of the way to ensure your hospital experience is exactly as you planned and anticipated. You are in control of the decisions made at the hospital. And, while there are plenty of details to think about, it’s important to remember that hospital bills aren’t one of them. When you choose adoption with us, all pregnancy-related medical costs, including labor and delivery, are fully covered

While at the hospital, your adoption specialist and provided adoption attorney will help you complete the adoption paperwork when you feel ready. Contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION with any questions you have or to get more information about the adoption hospital plan. 

4. Staying Connected with Your Child and the Adoption Family 

You get to decide the amount of contact you want to have with the adoptive family, both during and after the adoption. Today, open adoption is by far the most common type of adoption. 

Open adoption allows for an open relationship between you, the adoptive family and your child. During the adoption process, many of our birth mothers are in regular contact with the adoptive family, giving updates after doctor appointments, sharing sonogram images and general communication to get to know each other. 

How much contact and the type of communication is completely up to you. The most common forms of communication include: 

  • Email 

  • Phone calls 

  • Text messaging 

  • Video chats 

  • Social media 

  • In-person visits 

The shared journey of your adoption with the family you choose is the foundation of what could be a life-long relationship and bond. Open adoption not only means you can get to know the adoptive family but maintains a connection with your child at whatever level you choose. Whether it’s updates on milestones reached or a more personal connection, open adoption gives you the chance to remain a part of your child's life

Are You Ready to Create a Better Future Through Adoption? 

When considering placing your child for adoption, you might be asking, “What happens during the adoption process?” 

Once you’ve chosen adoption, you will get connected with one of our experienced adoption specialists and begin the amazing journey of adoption, starting with creating an adoption plan designed specifically to meet your needs and expectations. Every decision along the way is made by you

Brittnee received our full support for every decision she made during her adoption.

I was lucky enough to find American Adoptions, who immediately took some of that weight away by walking me through the steps and supporting whatever decision I made,” she said. “They sent me several wonderful profiles of hopeful parents, and I just knew right off when I found the right one.”

Many of us at American Adoptions are adoptees, adoptive parents, or birth parents ourselves, giving us a uniquely personal experience with the adoption process. Because of that first-hand knowledge, we can help guide you through your adoption safely, smoothly and supporting your every decision. 

By choosing adoption, you have decided to improve the lives of four people. When parenting isn’t possible, you are giving your child the chance at a better life in a loving and nurturing home. An adoptive family with dreams of growing a family is given that gift through adoption. As for you, your goals, aspirations and dreams for your life are intact while still having the opportunity to remain a part of your child’s life. 

You’ll forever be a hero

Get More Information on Placing Your Child for Adoption   

Michelle, a birth parent specialist and a birth parent herself, is ready to answer any questions you have about putting a baby up for adoption.          

“I am available to answer any questions that arise, particularly from birth moms, as I have been in your shoes and know how you are feeling,” Michelle said.          

You can ask Michelle questions about the adoption process online. You can also call us at 1-800-ADOPTION, or get free information with our online contact form for prospective birth mothers considering adoption here. Adoptive families wanting more information on adopting a child can click here to get more information.  

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